Aesthetic Treatments: Pay As You Glow Packages

 When it comes to looking your best, maintaining your natural, beautiful glow is much the same as maintaining a car. And like a car, you don’t wait for the banging in the engine to start before consulting a mechanic. It’s why you pay maintenance and service fees. So when your engine does finally pack up, you blow a gasket on the motorway or a tree just happens to jump out in front of you (yet again), you know that all the hard work is already covered.

At Frances Turner Traill, we know just how important looking your best is to you. We also know that some aesthetic treatments can be costly. It’s why we’ve created a simple, cost-effective payment plan. Tiered to suit your needs and your budget, Pay As You Glow is a flexible maintenance plan designed to keep you looking your best. And like all great maintenance plans, it can be customised and tailored to suit your individual needs.

Simply book a consultation with one of our qualified aestheticians to discuss your treatment needs, create an affordable monthly standing order and Pay As You Glow. Because when it comes to looking and feeling your best, a little maintenance can go a long way to a more radiant you.


Bespoke  – save what you want to spread the cost of your treatments over the year.

To make the most of aesthetic treatments with our Pay As You Glow Packages, simply download our standing order form, action the standing order with online banking or send the completed form to your bank.

A full medical consultation is required before any treatment (Terms and Conditions apply).

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