FTT Skin Clinics – Pigmentation Treatments.

Formulation of freckles and pigmentation of the skin is caused by the exposure to Sunlight, UV damage as well as problems linked to poor melanin function which can lead to hyperpigmentation (dark spots or patches) or depigmentation (light spots or patches). Freckles and pigmentation is not a skin concern however due to preference, especially the older we get, many would like to clear their skin of this formulation.

Types of Pigmentation.

Two most common types of pigmentation are Hyperpigmentation or Depigmentation. Both formulation are treatable formulation on the face as well as the neck and chest area.

Symptom Check

Are you concerned or would like to clear your pigmentation? Check our Pigmentation and Freckle Symptom Check List below.

  • Large Patches of Darkened Skin.
  • Spots or Patches.
  • Discolouration of areas of the skin.
  • Uneven appearance of the skin  could be the beginning of a pigmented area.

As a medical skin care provider, we offer a full complimentary initial skin analysis with our medical skin experts to begin your skin health journey. We will assess, diagnose, treat and prescribe you through your bespoke skin journey treatment plan, as well as reviewing your skin concerns progress every 4-6 weeks.

What can we do to help?

At FTT Skin Clinics we offer a variety of in clinic and at home pigmentation treatments. These help to minimise and erase the skin concern, face and body. Prior diagnosis, at FTT we carry out a full skin analysis during your consultation before creating your bespoke treatment plan.

In clinic treatment plans include IPL Skin Rejuvenation and Laser Treatments. Both treatments use a high powered computer controlled flash gun to deliver an intense broad spectrum pulse of light. Both treatment have minimum down time with result proven in 4-6 weeks.


As well as building your bespoke treatment plan in clinic, the basis for great skin health is your at home skin care plan. Combining your at home treatment plan with in clinic bespoke facials will maximise your desired skin results. As well as our FTT Skin Ritual depending on the severity of your skin condition, we offer our FTT Expert Skin Prescription Service to prescribe you with the right skin medication in more severe diagnoses cases including Obagi Nu Derm System, Obagi- C Rx System & Tretinoin.

Pigmentation Freckles Skin ConcernsPigmentation Freckles Skin Concerns