What is Xanthalasma?

Xanthalasma is a skin concern many people are unaware of or goes undiagnosed. Characterised by yellowy bumpy patches around the corner of the eyes and on the eyelids, Xanthalasmasma is a soft, fatty deposit that forms under the skin. Even though Xanthalasma is rare, the skin concern is more common in woman than men in their 40’s & 50’s. Neither painful nor harmful, however it can be the sign of an underlying health condition. Before coming into the clinic, we advise you to go to GP prior to have this checked, as well as having your bloods checked.

Symptoms of Xanthalasma.

  • Yellowy/off white fatty deposits in the corner of the eye or on the eyelids.
  • Vary in shapes and sizes.
  • Raised, soft bumps.

Sometimes Xanthalasma can go misdiagnosed as Milia (Please see skin concern page on Milia), both have similar characteristics however are very different in diagnosis.

What can we do to help?

For the majority of cases, Xanthalasma is completely harmless. However due to its appearance it may be something you decide you want to have removed. Unfortunately the skin concern will not disappear overtime but may increase in size at a steady rate.

We have a variety of in non-invasive Xanthalasma removal treatments including Electrolysis and Plasma Non-Surgical. Using an ionised gas, Plasma removes all organic matter from the surface of the skin. Please see our treatment page on Plasma Non-Surgical for further information on this treatment. Xanthalasma removal treatment is both extremely effective and non-invasive with minimal treatment sessions required.

Prior your both treatments we will carry out a full complimentary skin consultation with analysis to discuss the best treatment for you. Although it is an uncommon skin concern, here at FTT our advanced practitioners are here to help, guide & advise you through your skin concerns treatment plan.  If you are concerned about having Xanthalasma or unsure of what it may be, please book an appointment with your GP prior coming into clinic.