The Perfect Eyebrows by Frances Turner Traill

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Your eyebrows are one of the most important assets of your face. They can instantly lift your features and take years off your image, so taking care of them is essential. With the risk of excessive tweezing potentially adding years to your face, we know this conundrum can only warrant the help of professionals. Don’t worry, we at Frances Turner Traill are here to help you get the perfect eyebrows.

The full natural healthy eyebrow seen on legendary sexy woman such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, highlight how the brow should have remained – simple, natural and full.  The pencil thin over plucked look was so difficult to maintain and unnatural to the contours of the eyes.


 Brow Envy

Welcome back the fuller natural brow but with that extremely groomed and polished look.  No, we do not want to look like Groucho Marx’s twin.  We want the natural fuller look.

Ask any professional make up artist and they will tell you, they spend as much time on eyebrows as they would on eye make-up nowadays. Raging trends of brow bars are proof that brows are here to make a statement.

The professional threading that leaves so many Middle Eastern women at the core of our “brow envy”, there is clearly something to be learnt here.  We love the look achieved by this method which is why it is included in our Beautiful Brows treatment; a seven step method of defining the brow area to create the illusion of a full brow whilst encouraging the natural brow to grow.

picture of girls face with captions promoting semi-permanent makeup

What Makes you Beautiful

Eyebrow threading gives the brows a beautiful, defined look that no other hair removal method can do, simply because it is such a precise technique.  The hairs do not have to be long in length to get threaded because the thread can remove the shortest of hairs, resulting in the ultimate defined look.

We want to enhance your shape, not take away the natural contour of your brow.  Why annoy mother nature?  Some people have been ‘tweezer happy’ over the years due to following fashion trends.

The most important part is the guidance and knowledge that one shape does not fit all.  It may take several visits to achieve the perfect brow for your face… follow our advice and stay away from the “tweezers”.  It will be worth it!

FTT knows best

We take great pride in offering a bespoke service and full consultation with guidance on a unique treatment for the ultimate well-groomed look. Full face threading, waxing, eyelash tinting, eyebrow tinting, make up advice, and semi permanent make up will further enhance your look and guarantee the perfect eyebrows. A full expert consultation will determine your needs and what would be suitable for you.

Book in for one at Frances Turner Traill now, and our results are so perfect, you would not believe your eyes-brows!