Unsightly leg veins

We offer our Microsclerotherapy (Unsightly leg veins) treatments at our clinics in Glasgow, Hamilton and Inverness.

Microscler​otherapy is a common procedure used to treat aesthetically unsightly leg veins. This is a very fine injection of a dissolving agent into the veins. The solution causes the walls of the vein to stick together. Blood is then prevented to flow through the veins which are then absorbed by the bodies natural defence mechanism.

Initial 30 minute consultation is needed to examine your legs, ask key medical questions, and explain treatment process and cost. A physical examination will be performed as well as measurement of your legs for your compression stockings.

The procedure takes 30 minutes and compression stockings must be worn continuously for 3 days (night and day) and during the day for 3 weeks.  Post treatment advice will be discussed at consultation. Daily routine can be resumed, however aerobic activity must be avoided for 24 hours.

Treatment sessions cost between £300 and £620.  You will be advised at consultation of the cost.

unsightly leg veins


If Microscelerotherapy isn’t right for you which will be highlighted by an in-depth consultation with our nurse, we can refer you to our Vascular Surgeon Mr Paul Teenan who is able to treat all unsightly leg veins including varicose veins.

We are are able to offer all treatments for all types of vessels from large varicose veins all the way down to fine, superficial veins. Our Varicose vein removal techniques include the following:

  • VNUS Closure
  • Clarivein
  • Foam Sclerotherapy

All of these are day case procedures and you can walk in and Walk out after treatment with little recovery required.

What is Varicose Vein removal?

Varicose veins are large tortuous leg veins seen just under the skin.  Valves in the veins deeper down are not effective resulting in blood pooling nearer the surface.  Our surgeon uses VNUS Closure, Clarivein and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy.  The choice of which device is best for your varicose veins will be decided at your consultation and depends upon the size of the vessels, their location and their number. You will be seen by a Consultant Vascular Surgeon or a Consultant Interventional Radiologist who carry out the procedure and in most cases they will use an ultrasound to determine the type of varicose veins you have.

What does Varicose Vein removal entail?

  • Walk in walk out procedures with no need for general anaesthetic or a hospital stay
  • Almost pain free
  • Minimal scaring, unlike surgical (NHS) vein removal
  • Less bruising and swelling
  • Minimal downtime with no need to take time off work
  • Minimal use of compressions bandages needed.
  • Are recommended as the best treatments according to NICE – the National Institute of Clinical Excellence
  • Are carried out by experienced Consultant Vascular Surgeons and Interventional Radiologists