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Our clinics offer treatments  in Permanent Makeup in Glasgow, Hamilton and Inverness.

Permanent make up, also known as micropigmentation, originated in the Egyptian period when women would rub gravel into their skin until they bled before rubbing red dirt into the wound, hoping it would heal with a blusher effect. It later developed into the world of medicine to help people with scars, alopecia, skin and other cancers to mask with medical tattoos; deficiencies that caused patients distress.  Now, with specifically designed digital machines, small amounts of pigment are inserted into the skin for cosmetic and medical purposes.  This is different from a traditional tattoo which is placed 3.5 mm into the skin whereas Permanent Makeup (PMU) is placed at up to 2 mm depending on the area being treated.  The result fades slowly after time; PMU lasts 18 months to 3 years, allowing the pigment to fade naturally allowing changes to suit the face as the ageing process takes place.


The procedure is carried out in accordance to strict health and safety protocol, using single use sterile needle cartridges. We are licensed with South Lanarkshire Council and adhere to the specific criteria to undertake the treatment at our skin clinics in Glasgow and Inverness.

Candidates suitable for PMU:

  • Those who have little or no time to apply or re-apply make up
  • Those with none asymmetrical features; finer top lip with fuller bottom lip, uneven eyebrows etc.
  • People with allergies and cannot wear make-up/ allergies to conventional make-up
  • Sports enthusiasts
  • Spectacle wearers who have difficulty applying make-up
  • Lack of definition to lips, eyes, or brows
  • Alopecia sufferers with no brows or lashes.
  • Cancer patients with no brows or lashes.

A patch test is required at least 48 hours prior to treatment to ensure you are suitable for the treatment. This will be performed at the consultation where the treatment and the process is explained in full, and to ensure we can provide you with the desired result.

Permanent Make Up from £250

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