Thread lift

We offer all our Facial Thread Lift exclusively at our Glasgow, Hamilton clinic.

PDO (Polydioxanone) threads are medical grade threads which have been used in medicine for suturing for over 20 years. Polydioxanone stimulates the production of new collagen promoting firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Thread lift are minimally invasive. The threads are designed to rejuvenate, regenerate and improve your facial structure providing similar benefits to a facelift but without the need for surgery.

As every Individual has a unique facial structure, the number of threads required will vary from person to person and will also be dependent on the areas requiring treatment, therefore Frances will discuss the cost of the procedure at your consultation.





Treatment Areas

  • Crows feet:  including lines coming down to cheeks.
  • Lip lines: peri oral or smokers lines.
  • Upper face: Cheek lift, under eyes & nose to mouth lines.
  • Mid face: Cheek lift, cheek lines, under eyes, nose to mouth lines.
  • Lower Face: Jawline lift, Lip Lines, mouth area, jowls & marionette lines.
  • Neck: Jawline, chin & neck.
  • Chest: Crepey chest & sleep lines.
  • 2 areas: any combination.
  • 3 areas: any combination.

Prices from £600.

Priced individually to each client.