Ultimate Skincare at FTT Skin Clinic
Unbeatable Value at £450 for 6 Treatment Plan!

At FTT Skin Clinic we recognise that treating skin problems can be challenging and the best outcomes are achieved by offering a tailored package specific to each individual’s needs. We are also fortunate that we offer one of the widest ranges of treatments available in the West of Scotland to assess and treat skin problems.

Step 1

is always to establish the baseline quality and condition of your skin and we do this using an electronic “skin scanner” which provides 7 measurements of your skins overall health. Your readings are then compared against a web based library of tens of thousands of other individuals and you can compare each attribute against a comparative sample of people for each.

Step 2

is to review the scan results with your practitioner and agree which areas of concern are your highest priority and also go through a health questionnaire to see if there are any considerations we need to take into account when establishing a bespoke treatment plan for you.

Step 3

there are 15 treatments that we offer within the clinic and our Ultimate Skincare package allows you to undertake 6 treatments from our menu below at a fixed price. So, going into this programme you know exactly how much your treatment will cost.

The menu of services we offer are:

CACI Non-Surgical Facelift
CACI Lifts & Tones Facial Muscles using a range of power sources and technologies contained within this one piece of equipment

Facial Mask Menu
this range contains HA Sheet Mask, Collagen Mask, Rejuvenating Mask, Purifying Clay Mask, Bionic Oxygen Mask

Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish
A bespoke exfoliation treatment tailored to your skin’s individual needs

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

IPL Photoshower
Skin Rejuvenation using Intense Pulsed Light source with specialised filters to suit various skin types.

Neostrata Skin Peel
A skin peel using a premium cosmeceutical product, which removes dead skin cells which will leave skin refreshed and rejuvenated

IPL Pigmentation Removal (Part Face)
A treatment for Sun Damage / Sun Spots – on targeted areas on the face

Hydro Facial
Using PRO FACIAL equipment this is a three stage treatment : deep cleanse, exfoliate & hydrate with active ingredients leaving skin supple and glowing

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Facial Red Veins (Part Face)
Improves the appearance or where possible removes red thread veins using our CELLEC Machine

Double Deep Cleanse with Luna Pro Sonic & Scrub
Sonar technology device which gives the skin a super deep cleanse

LED Mask

LED Phototherapy
This treatment exposes the skin to low levels of beneficial light energy from the visible and infrared part of the light spectrum to help with Anti-Ageing, Acne Prevention and Collagen Boosting

RF – Profacial
This uses a dedicated probe which delivers Radio Frequency energy to targeted areas of the face to promote Collagen growth and remodelling

Ion Lifting – Profacial
Using a “micro current” probe this treatment propels the active ingredients into the skin (iontophoresis) to stimulate skin tissue and muscle giving a lifting effec


Extractions (Up to 15 minutes)
a therapist will treat and remove blackheads, milia and pustules from inflamed areas of the face


Plasma Shower
The Plasma BT equipment produce low pressure “atmospheric Plasma” at the surface of the skin which stimulates activity internally & externally on the surface skin cells for the effective treatment of breakouts and blemishes.


Manual Exfoliation using a super-sharp, single blade to remove “Peach Fuzz” and expose fresh health skin, followed by applying a skin-soothing oil.

Based on the issues being addressed you may have a range of treatments from this menu or you may have a course of one specific treatment, this will be agreed between you and your practitioner.

Step 4

it is important to go back and verify that the treatments have delivered a measurable improvement in your skin health and the areas of concern have shown improvement to. To do this we will re-scan you and compare the two sets of results and agree the next steps with you.

This Treatment programme will cost you £450 for all six treatments which we know represents outstanding value for money.

Spread the cost…

We have a payment scheme called Face Plan which allows you to prepay for you treatments and products on a monthly basis.

For more information on this click here

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