Aesthetic Shadowing Service with FTT.

Are you a NMC, GDC, GMC registered healthcare professional looking to enhance your aesthetic clinical skills, expand your knowledge, and improve your overall patient outcomes and satisfaction levels? Look no further! Here at FTT Skin Clinic our new Aesthetic Shadowing Service is designed to provide personalized guidance and support to every healthcare practitioner at any level.

Overview of our Aesthetic Shadowing service.

Our Aesthetic Shadowing Service offers a one-to-one shadowing day with Frances which will be tailored to your specific needs and goals. Whether you’re seeking assistance in a specific skill in aesthetics specialty, or aiming to develop efficient clinical practices, or looking to enhance your consultation skills, including ultrasound, we are here to help you succeed to the best of your ability.

Your supervisor.

Aesthetic Shadowing ServiceAt FTT we have our skilled and experienced Frances Turner Traill, with an immense track record of national awards including the Best Aesthetic Nurse UK, Best Aesthetic Clinic Scotland, many aesthetic medicine journal publications and in national newspapers including the Daily Record, Scottish Sun and Glasgow Times as well as appearances on BBC and STV.

Her qualifications include BSc (Foundation in Dermatology), MA(Hons) Psychology and Sociology, Registered General Nurse, Registered Mental Nurse, Nurse Independent Prescriber as well as a PGCert in Medical Aesthetics.  She is an accredited mentor for Masters in Aesthetic Medicine for Northumbria University. She has been credited by Tatler Magazine as one of the UK’s Top Injectors, appearing on BBC for her opinions. She further founded the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses in Scotland, and now serves as an Honorary Member of BACN after serving 7 years on the Board representing Scottish nurses at a local and government level.  She was, at the time, the only expert nurse in Scotland accredited to carry out Silhouette Soft thread lifts. 

Owning and operating one of the busiest and highly regarded aesthetic clinics in the country, she is regarded as a leading light in medical aesthetics.  She’s an advocate for nurturing and preservation of new talent in Scottish Medical Aesthetics through her internship programme.  Frances is also a Consultant for American brand Evolus, makers of Neuromodulator, Nucevia and for Canadian brand Prollenium, makers of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, Revanasse.

Personalized Approach. 

As healthcare professionals we understand that each of you has your very own unique approaches, strengths, weaknesses and different styles of learning. Frances, like a customer treatment plan, will take a personalized approach in analyzing and assessing your individual needs and will tailor the shadowing program to further suit your specific requirements. 

Skills Development.

This program will focus mainly on enhancing your clinical skills and overall medical aesthetic knowledge. We offer guidance in different areas including patient assessments, treatment planning, diagnostic reasoning, evidence-based medicine and procedural techniques. Frances will help refine your clinical judgment and decision-making abilities, whilst further improving your communication with patients, helping improve overall patient engagement, and developing your clinical quality care standards. Further leadership capabilities will be enhanced to help you excel and help you gain overall clinical experience along the way. 

State of the Art HIS Clinic Environment.

We will provide you with the best evidence-based recommendations and help you incorporate the most current and effective approaches so far into your own practice.

Continuous Support. 

Your shadowing service can be one day or a few sessions and we will offer ongoing support to ensure your goals are being met and to provide additional guidance whenever it is needed as we are committed to seeing your long-term success and watching your professional growth through the years. 

The Benefits.

  • Enhancing your Clinical Competence, skills, knowledge and confidence that are necessary to help you excel in your clinical medical aesthetic practice. 
  • Improved Patient Outcomes and Overall Satisfaction Levels.
  • Personal and Professional Growth
  • Networking Opportunities 

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to elevate your clinical practice and reach your professional goals. Contact us today to learn more about our  Aesthetic Shadowing Service with FTT and embark on a journey of growth and success in your career.