FTT Skin Clinics – Milia Treatments.

What are Milia?

Milia are small white bumps which are commonly found on all skin types, ages & sexes. They will most like form around and under the eye area caused when keratin becomes trapped beneath the outer layer of skin forming a tiny cyst. These bumps are not harmful, therefore not needed to be removed. However if you are concerned with how they appear, we have a variety of treatments to remove them. If you notice any new Milia bumps we advise to contact your GP or book a consultation with us to speak to a physician.

Types of Milia.

We can categorise Milia into Primary & Secondary. Entrapped keratin causing a small cyst like bumps are Primary Milia. Secondary Milia are also tiny cyst like bumps which look similar however, these bumps develop after something clogs them leading to the skin surface. An example of this could be after an injury, burn or blistering of the skin.

Symptom Check

  • 1-2 mm white/yellow, dome shaped bumps – Bumps are neither sore or itchy.
  • Primary Milia commonly found – Around eyes, cheeks, nose & foreheads for adults.
  • Secondary Milia found – anywhere on the body where other skin conditions may exist, the backs of hands are a common area. On the face of people who have damage. from a high amount of sun exposure.

What can we do to help?

At FTT Skin Clinics, we offer Plasma Non-Surgical Treatments. Plasma is the process of removing all organic matter from the surface of an object through the use of an ionised gas called Plasma. The molecular chain of the skin epidermis breaks off and instantaneously causes sublimation on the skin surface. P

The treatment offers minimal damage of the tissue compared to other treatments such as laser and RF. It stimulates the immune tissue resistance and as a result shows excellent performance in tissue removal with short treatment time and quick recovery.

Prior your Plasma treatment we will carry out a full complimentary skin consultation with analysis to discuss the best treatment for you.

As well as Plasma Non-Surgical Treatments, we also offer Electrolysis for Milia and Skin Tag removal. Removal is a quick, easy and effective treatment which is applicable on all areas of the body. Electrolysis results in immediate removal and can just take seconds depending on the growth size.


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