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Skin conditions can cause concern, discomfort or embarrassment or sometimes all three.  FTT Skin Clinics team offer a complimentary, no obligation skin analysis at consultation for patients with skin concerns about their skin

We totally understand that no two of us are the same. That is why we like to spend time with you at your skin analysis consultation to discover what bothers you and to listen to your concerns.  Our staff will chat through all the options that are available to you, to help achieve your desired results. All our treatments, from skin care products you use at home every day to in clinic treatments are always bespoke to you, your skin needs and lifestyle.  We have many cutting edge energy based platforms and technologies, treatments at our disposal to choose from when designing your treatment package mixed in with good old fashioned expert knowledge to deliver research backed, evidence based care with minimum downtime.

We have helped many people, men, women, young and old with their skin concerns from acne, acne scarring, rosacea, pigmentation, diffuse redness, lines and wrinkles, thread veins, lumps, lesions and bumps to just simply wanting fresh glowing skin every day or for a special event such as a wedding.

At consultation we will measure your skins moisture, sebum, pore size, melanin, acne and sensitivity to provide an automated report on your skins condition. Your report is stored so that we can compare results against future visits to monitor improvements at your review appointments.

All FTT Skin Clinics staff are accredited with Acne and Rosacea Association UK. It is a charity teaching cutting edge techniques for treating acne and rosacea under the guidance of Professor of Dermatology Tony Chu.

THE FTT SCAR CLINIC FTT SKIN CLINICS works in partnership with MEDICS AGAINST VIOLENCE in Glasgow.  We provide victims of violence with pro bono scar repair treatment in our main clinic near Glasgow.

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Moisture / Sebum / Pore / Melanin / Clearness of Pore / Wrinkle / Sensitivity

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