What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a common skin concern prevalent in two main age groups, late teens and mid 40 age group. Facial flushing, broken red blood vessels around the middle area of the face are common symptoms of Rosacea. Typically shown in a butterfly shape which lasts longer than 10 minutes. It is found mostly in the pale, celtic skin type.

Rosacea very often goes misdiagnosed, neither realising this is a treatable skin condition or mistaking the condition for sensitive skin.

If you experience face flushing around the cheek area, forehead, chin & nose, this is the hallmark for this condition.

Symptom Check.

Are you concerned you may suffer from Rosacea? Take our Symptom Check.

  1. Flushing – Skin turns red for a short period.
  2. Eye Irritation – Known as ocular rosacea.
  3. Thickened Skin – Skin can thicken as well as form excess tissue, usually around the nose.
  4. Persistent Facial Redness – Blush like skin effect or patch of sunburn that does not disappear after 10 minutes.
  5. Papules and Pustules – Spots can begin to appear.
  6. Visable Blood Vessels – Blood vessels in the skin may became permanently dilated (widened or visable).

If left untreated Rosacea and Acne Rosacea can develop. It’s important to speak to a skin expert for full diagnosis.  Unfortunately there is no cure for this skin condition. However Rosacea can be controlled and managed.

The skin concern can impact people not just physically but also have a mental impact on people’s social lives and self-esteem. With the right diagnosis and treatment plan, our skin experts at FTT are here to help, support and advise you make those next steps for improved skin health.

What can we do to help Rosacea?

As a medical skin care provider, we offer a full complimentary initial skin analysis with our medical skin experts to begin your skin health journey. We will assess, diagnose, treat and prescribe you through your bespoke skin journey treatment plan, as well as reviewing your skin concerns progress.

As well as building your bespoke treatment plan in clinic, at FTT we have devised our own FTT Skin Ritual for treating Rosacea, available both online and in clinic. Your at home treatment plan is the bases for great skin health and success. Our FTT products contain active clinically proven ingredients to help control and manage your Rosacea. As well as our FTT Skin Ritual depending on the severity of your skin condition, we have our FTT Expert Skin Prescription Service to prescribe you with the right skin medication in more severe diagnoses cases.

Combining your at home treatment plan with in clinic bespoke facials will maximise your desired skin results. Lasting one hour in clinic, our Bespoke Facials are tailored to drive your skin results and needs. Treatments including IPL (Intense Pulsed Light Therapy), Plasma Shower, LED Therapy, Hydration Masks are just some of the treatments we offer as part of your treatment plan.

All FTT Skin Clinics staff are a credited with Acne and Rosacea Association. A UK based charity teaching cutting edge techniques for treatments under the guidance of Professor of Dermatology Tony Chu.