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What are skin tags?

Skin Tags are non-cancerous, harmless growths of soft skin found on the surface of the skin, usually where the skin folds. They can be found on all skin types, sexes and ages, and can appear anywhere on the body. Skin tags tend to form in skin folds where the skin rubs against itself. Common areas are the neck, armpits and groin.

Types of Skin Tags.

Many people leave small skin growth on the surface of their skin undiagnosed. Many of these are benign skin growths including freckles, moles & skin tags. If you are unsure of exactly the nature of your growth is, please contact your GP or book yourself in for a complimentary skin analysis with us for further information.

Symptom Check.

  • Small, soft, skin coloured growths on your skin. They can vary in colour and size from a few millimetres up to 5 cm wide.
  • Knobbly and hang off the skin with smallest area attached to the skins surface.
  • They are not contagious and will develop slowly solely. If you have a sudden break out of cluster growths on your skin we advise to get in contact with your GP.

What can we do to help with skin tags?

Skin tags are harmless do not usually cause pain or irritation. However you may consider Skin Tag removal if this is something that bothers your appearance or may snag or catch on jewellery or clothes.

At FTT Skin Clinics, we offer Plasma Non-Surgical Treatments. Plasma is the process of removing all organic matter from the surface of an object through the use of an ionised gas called Plasma. It is generated through the treatment needle, as a result the molecular chain of the skin epidermis breaks off and instantaneously causes sublimation on the skin surface.

Plasma offer minimal damage of the tissue compared to other treatments such as laser and RF. It stimulates the immune tissue resistance. As a result shows excellent performance in tissue removal with short treatment time and quick recovery.

Prior your Plasma treatment we will carry out a full complimentary skin consultation with analysis to discuss the best treatment for you.

As well as Plasma Non-Surgical Treatments, we also offer Electrolysis for Milia and Skin Tag removal. Removal of Milia & Skin Tags is a quick, easy and effective treatment which is applicable on all areas of the body. Electrolysis results in immediate removal of the Milia or Skin Tag. It can just take seconds depending on the growth size.

Please do not try to remove skin tags yourself without speaking to a practitioner or GP first.

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