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At FTT Skin Clinics we love what can be achieved with non-surgical treatments. So we aim to help you be the best version of you with natural results.  Using a combination of wrinkle reduction, dermal filler, advanced skin care solutions and products we can create individual treatment plans.

Wrinkle reduction treatments have been used cosmetically for over 25 years. They are used to create a fresher and more youthful appearance by causing a temporary freezing of the treated facial muscles. The procedure is safe, pain free and quick to perform. We offer an extensive portfolio of wrinkle reduction treatments.

  • Forehead (frown lines).
  • Brow furrows.
  • Glabellar.
  • Bunny lines at the top or side of the nose.
  • Crows Feet / Laughter lines around the eyes.
  • “Gummy” smile correction.
  • Excessive Teeth grinding (Bruxism).
  • Excessive Sweating under arm and hands (Hyperhydrosis).
  • Facial Slimming.
  • Scowl Lines.
  • Migraine headaches.
  • Necklace lines.
  • Platysymal bands.
  • Nefertiti lift.

Wrinkle Reduction botox

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Your initial consultation is to assess suitability. Also we would recommend a cooling off period to allow time to consider the procedure prior to your first treatment. Therefore your practitioner will provide information on the procedure and ensuring a full medical history is taken at the time of your consultation.

Botulinum Toxin Type A works by blocking the signals travelling from nerves to muscles. This reduces muscle movement which preserves skin and alters the delicate balance of facial expression which lies between the muscles.

It usually takes a few days for the muscles to respond, with full effect at 3 weeks at this time FTT Skin Clinics will arrange a review to ensure you are satisfied with your treatment.  The effects are temporary lasting usually about 3-5 months.  Botox® injections will be required to maintain its skin smoothing effects.

We prescribe Botox ® specific to you by the vial and will discuss your predicted outcomes at your consultation.  At FTT Skin Clinics we prefer the whole face approach whereby we want results that help you look refreshed and rejuvenated, not frozen or obvious.

Dermal Fillers create volume and smooth out wrinkles. Whereas anti wrinkle injections relax the muscles that cause the wrinkles, fillers are injected directly into wrinkle to add volume and lessen their appearance.

Treatment Time

30 minutes

Full Recovery

24 hours*

Sensitivity Time

2 hours*

Back to Work


Visible Results

2-3weeks* Immediate


3-4 months*



No. of Treatments


*results from the treatment will vary from person to person.

  • Treatment Time: 30 minutes
  • Full Recovery Time: 24 hours*
  • Sensitivity Time: 2 hours*
  • Back to Work: Immediate
  • Visible Results: 2-3 weeks* Immediate 
  • Duration of Results: 3-4 months*
  • Anaesthetic: Topical
  • Recommended No. of Treatments: 1
*results from the treatment will vary from person to person.