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Cheek fillers using dermal fillers is a safe, effective and restorative cosmetic treatment for boosting lost volume, not only adding balance, harmony, contour and fullness to the cheeks, but they can help lift your whole face.

At FTT Skin Clinics we use several of the world’s leading, quality, dermal filler products with a proven track record of clinical evidence and research backed scientific data behind them.  One size does not fit all and with a large database of patients of various age groups we stock the best dermal fillers that will suit your individual needs.

Cheek fillers have minimal side effects, you may experience some bruising or swelling which usually goes down very quickly.  Cheek fillers are placed into your tissue using either a cannula or needle to add volume to soft tissue in the cheek area. Fillers can also be applied to the jawline, around the mouth and eyes. Cheek filler treatment has many benefits from adding volume to the cheek area, creating contouring and definition, fills out lines and wrinkles, lifts and gives projection to your cheeks whilst maintaining a natural look.  Cheek fillers can be combined with dermal fillers in your temples, tear troughs, chin and jawline fillers for maximum effect.  We will discuss your desired outcomes at our consultation.  Dermal fillers treatments are only ever carried out by a fully qualified, indemnified, trained and highly experienced medical injector at FTT Skin Clinics.


Cheek Fillers

Frequently asked questions for cheek filler treatments:

What can I expect during my cheek fillers treatment?

You will be made to feel very comfortable and your nurse will explain the procedure fully prior to treatment. The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. Prior to treatment your skin will be cleansed. Where applicable local anaesthetic will be applied prior to injection. The treatment will not be painful although you may feel a bit of discomfort. Aftercare will be discussed and you should allow for some mild swelling following treatment.

After treatment when can I expect results for my cheek fillers treatment?

Results are instant. So you will notice some improvement after treatment with continuing results over a few weeks as the hyaluronic filler integrates with your skin tissue. Dermal fillers last on average 6-18 months. Your nurse will discuss this with you at your consultation.

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Treatment Time

30 minutes

Full Recovery

48 hours*

Sensitivity Time

24 hours*

Back to Work

24 hours*

Visible Results

2-3 months*


6 months*


Not required

No. of Treatments

*results from the treatment will vary from person to person..

  • Treatment Time: 30 minutes
  • Full Recovery Time: 48 hours*
  • Sensitivity Time: 24 hours*
  • Back to Work: Immediate - 24 Hours*
  • Visible Results: 2-3 months*
  • Duration of Results: 6 months*
  • Anaesthetic: Not Required
  • Recommended No. of Treatments: 1
*results from the treatment will vary from person to person.