FTT Skin Clinics – Folliculitis Treatments.

Folliculitis is inflamed hair follicles with tender red spots or pustule caused by ingrown hair follicles, most commonly found in men around the facial hair area and scalp. Many people misdiagnose Follicultis for Acne or Acne Rosacea as the 3 have similar symptoms and characteristics. The bacterial based infection can spread and develop into non-healing, dried out like sores. The skin concern is not harmful but can cause irritation to the skin. Severe Folliculitis can cause scarring and effect hair growth.

Types of Folliculitis

The most common type of Folliculitis is superficial, however in severe cases it may be deeper into the entire hair follicle. The most common type of superficial Folliculitis is Bacterial, characterised by irritation, white head pimples and pus-filled bumps on the skin.

Symptom Check

  • Clusters of small red bumps or white headed pimples that develop around hair follicles
  • Pus-filled blisters, that break open and dry over
  • Irritable, burn like sensation on clustered area
  • Painful, tender skin
  • Large swollen bumps

What can we do to help?

As a medical skin care provider, we offer a full complimentary initial skin analysis with our medical skin experts to begin your skin health journey. We will assess, diagnose, treat and prescribe you through your bespoke skin journey treatment plan, as well as reviewing your skin concerns progress.  A combination of in clinic treatments and at home products are used to treat Follicultis. In Clinics treatments include Bespoke Facial Treatment in-cooperating our Obagi Blue Radiance Peel to treat the concerned area.

As well as building your bespoke treatment plan in clinic. We also have our FTT Expert Skin Prescription Service to prescribe you with the right skin medication in more severe diagnoses cases. Our service offers prescriptions such as a variety of Tretinion percentages, Obagi Pore Therapy and Obagi Nu-Derm System. Your at home treatment plan is the basis for great skin health and success.


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