Spreading the cost of your Aesthetic Treatments without the worry of debt!

For many clients, the option of being able to create a personalised saving plan which allows them to prepay for treatment at a rate that suits them, is a real advantage. In the current economic environment people are becoming increasingly reluctant to take on debt. In many cases high interest rates are applied to the loans for cosmetic / aesthetic treatments which can be prohibitive. Many of our clients visit us routinely for treatment and have a long-term relationship with the clinic so this is an ideal way of forward funding their treatment.

You can pay as little or as much as you like and when you like. If you wish to pay monthly on a direct debit or standing order there is a requirement to pay a minimum of £30 and when you have sufficient credit on your account you can begin your treatment.

Some of the Benefits…

  • There is no interest to pay, that’s right NO INTEREST, in many cases this reduces the cost of treatment by at least 15% compared to taking finance or paying on a credit card.
  • Pay whatever you can afford when you can afford it
  • No time limit on payments or their frequency
  • You decide how long you want to save for and when you want your treatment
  • You decide how much to hold on your account
  • This plan is available at all FFT Skin Locations and can be used to Finance all treatment types

Other Points for your consideration…

  • Your savings are held separately in a non-interest bearing account, so your money is safe and secure.
  • If you decide not to go ahead you can request a refund which we would action with 7 calendar days and transfer the funds back into a bank account nominated by you.
  • The refund request would have to be made in writing, this can be via e-mail.
  • There are no service charges or fees applied to your refund, you will get back every penny you have paid.