Exilis Skin Tightening / Fat reduction

Radio Frequency skin tightening / fat reduction has become one of the most revolutionary developments in the world of non-surgical cosmetic procedures. This innovative technology is ideal for treating mild to moderate sagging skin.

The Exilis  manufactured and distributed by BTL Aesthetics, is a non-invasive face and body contouring device designed for skin tightening and body sculpting while reducing fat, fine lines and wrinkles.

It uses a radio frequency energy to stimulate the breakdown of fat cells and collagen remodelling (for skin tightening) which helps to contour the body and face.

What Exilis  Skin Tightening / fat reduction treatments are offered

  • superficial fine lines.
  • belly fat reduction.
  • deep wrinkles within the deep tissue on the face, neck and body.
  • love handles.
  • bingo wings (flabby arms).
  • saddle bags on hips and thighs.
  • post-baby tummies.
  • turkey necks.
  • jowling in the face.


Exilis Skin Tightening Fat reduction

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Frequently asked questions

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How long does an Exilis Skin Tightening / Fat Reduction last?

Exilis  results are generally permanent, provided that you maintain your weight following the treatment.

Its use to treat cellulite is not-permanent as this can re-occur over time.

Are there side effects or risks?

  • Side effects are generally minimal.
  • Pinkness or redness to the skin immediately following the treatment.
  • Skin may be slightly tender to the touch for a little time afterwards
  • Very rare risks reported include numbness, swelling (oedema), blistering, scarring, allergic reactions and nausea.

What is the Exilis Skin Tightening / Fat reduction Treatment protocol?

The practitioner will attach a grounding pad on your back, thigh or shoulder which allows the radio frequency energy to return to the device. They will then apply a gel to the area to be treated which will help the hand piece to move on your skin.

Treatment Time

30-90 minutes

Full Recovery


Sensitivity Time


Back to Work


Visible Results

4-6 weeks*




Not required

No. of Treatments


*results from the treatment will vary from person to person.

  • Treatment Time: 30-90 minutes
  • Full Recovery Time: Immediate*
  • Sensitivity Time: None*
  • Back to Work: Immediate
  • Visible Results: 4-6 weeks*
  • Duration of Results: Years
  • Anaesthetic: -
  • Recommended No. of Treatments: 4
*results from the treatment will vary from person to person.