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Our signature skincare range has been specifically developed to maintain good skin health on a daily basis. Our range fights the first signs of ageing by targeting each layer of the skin to thoroughly hydrate the whole face.

The range introduces an affordable clinically proven integrated mix of products that work to achieve brighter and healthier skin.

As we age we lose moisture and elasticity in our skin which causes wrinkles and other signs of ageing to appear.

Our collection rehydrates skin with a series of clinically proven ingredients. It includes light weight non-oily hydrators and skin revitalising serums to stimulate collagen and elastin, whilst helping skin to repair and renew more rapidly.

The range has been developed with your daily skin health needs in mind and will help refine pores and minimise fine lines and wrinkles as well as address any pigmentation issues.

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To order Alumier products please follow the link and use the clinics unique code to register – 931AF807 (the 0 is a zero).

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The name AlumierMD is based on the word “illuminate”, which means “to make clear or bright.” Illuminate also means “to enlighten or share knowledge.”

Healthy and youthful skin is radiant; it reflects light like a diamond. There isn’t one perfect formula or magic ingredient for younger, smoother and brighter-looking skin because there are multiple skin profiles.

Alumier offer premium medical grade cosmeceuticals  which are multifaceted, results-oriented skin care products that target the underlying physiology related to each skin type, condition and individual.

FTT Skin Clinics are a training partner of Alumier in Scotland and stock a wide range of Alumier’s products which you can test at our clinic.

We have highlighted the most popular products in this range below. If you need further information book a free consult with one of our skin experts and we can take you through this full range.