Weight Management – FTT Skin Clinics

At FTT skin clinics we offer a range of weight management treatments including weight loss, fat reduction, body contouring and skin tightening.

When we are young we can eat and drink as much as we like without it having too much effect on us but as we become older and less active it has a steady detrimental effect.  However there are many other causes for weight gain including pregnancy, stress and bereavement, emotional eating, menopause, medical conditions (Underactive thyroid, Diabetes), Ageing and injury causing a change in our metabolic rate. 


We provide weight management treatments for all our patients subject to a medical consultation together with baseline recordings such as height, weight, blood pressure and Body Mass Index calculation. We are not suggesting a quick or a time consuming exercise routine. Although both improved diet and exercise and definitely recommended for continuous weight loss. We notice a successful weight management treatment can be the trigger for patients to improve their diet, exercise and lifestyle.  We can’t change past lifestyles but we can help you lose weight quickly and safely now.

At FTT Skin clinics we offer the following treatments.

Before you start…

Prior to starting on the Weightloss programme you will need to have a consultation with one of our practitioners to have a full medical history review and there may be certain tests that may be required for those with other medical conditions. There are also certain exclusion criteria which would prevent some patients from entering our programme.