FTT Skin Clinics Update 10 April 2022

Happy Easter Holidays  readers! This week we welcome a big warm welcome back to our clinic coordinator Megan! Megan has been off on maternity leave for the last 9 months after giving birth to her beautiful son Sebastian back in July. Megan like before will be here in our Hamilton clinic Wednesday and Thursdays assisting you during your appointments as well as taking you through your full patient journey in clinic and, here to answer any of your enquiries. Welcome back Megan, it’s amazing to have you back! This week also marks exactly a year from when we opened back up after the pandemic in April 2021. This time last year we were making preparations for opening back up, after what had been a difficult time for business’s and families across the country. With minor disruptions over the last 12 months, we have made it through back to normality! We head into this Summer bringing you new treatments and products to celebrate those long awaited Summer Holidays.
Welcome Back Megan!

We were so thrilled to have you all join us last week for Frances’s Live on Rosacea Awareness Month! Frances took to Instagram last Wednesday evening to discuss the skin concern and why so often it goes misdiagnosed. With tips on how to spot the concern, why it differs from bacterial acne, to how we can treat the concern in clinic. Frances live recording in now on our socials for you to watch back if you are concerned you may suffer from Rosacea. Over the next month we will be bringing you our top FTT Rosacea Case Study’s from clinic, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up this month with Rosacea Awareness month and ask our experts if you think you may suffer from the skin concern.
Rosacea Awareness Month
We want to remind you of our opening days over the Easter period! Not to worry beautiful clients we will be open during the Easter period with a couple of changes. We still have availability in both clinics Hamilton and Inverness over the  April period to get you booked in for your favourite treatments. Call or email us now to secure you Easter bookings.
Easter Opening Days

We end the newsletter this week with some amazing news, Wedding Make Up Artist Sharon Cuthbert has only gone and won this years Scottish Confetti Wedding Awards! Congratulations Sharon, we are so thrilled for you to win this award and deserve all the recognition for your beautiful work. Sharon is our resident make up artist at FTT Skin Clinics Hamilton in our clinic 2/3 days a week for bridal trails and all your pre party glowy glam. Sharon also did the make up for our beautiful FTT skin photoshoot on models Amber & Kirsty, have a look at our amazing campaign when you’re next in our clinics. Congrats Sharon, we hope you certainly had a few to celebrate!
Congratulations Sharon!

Next week we are going to let you know about the popular dermal filler treatment Ellanse bringing you some amazing case studies from the magical treatment. In the meantime readers take care sip up! Frances & Team xxx