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This lady in the video was treated 12 hours previously by a beauty therapist with potentially disastrous results. Both the therapist and the patient knew something had gone badly wrong, “it felt like a golf ball had been shot into my lip”, “the pain was excruciating” and “I knew she had no clue what to do”.

The lady presented to A&E after phoning up NHS24, because, as a nurse, she knew something was seriously wrong. She was told it was a bruise in A&E.

12 hours after her “needle free filler” treatment, her lip and surrounding area had no feeling, was massively swollen, and she couldn’t feel her gums and she could see discoloration tracking up her nose. She knew this was a bad situation and that it wasn’t a bruise.

This lady has had emergency treatment at FTT Skin Clinics with a successful outcome after 8 hours of intensive care.  This lady was “lucky”, she could have lost her sight. This lady was “lucky” because she knew something was very wrong and took action to find us.

We know what to do in an aesthetic emergency.  Frances Turner Traill of FTT Skin Clinics is one of the Experts of the Expert Consensus Group for AESTHETICS COMPLICATIONS EXPERTS – ACE.

Please do not get this treatment done.  It’s just not worth the risk. Some points to consider…..

  1. If you are considering having dermal filler, why not consider a SAVE FACE and Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) regulated clinic with a registered prescribing nurse, dentist or doctor (NMC, GDC, GMC)?
  2. How is a shot fired under pressure “safer” than a controlled depth injection with needle with aspiration or cannula by a prescribing nurse, dentist or doctor?
  3. What clinical evidence is there that it is safer?
  4. What happens if it goes wrong (what clinical pathways are in place)?
  5. What clinical papers have been published to prove the efficacy and safety of this procedure?
  6. Who is delivering the treatment?
  7. How does the pen work?
  8. Is it a sterile procedure?
  9. What training is undertaken?
  10. What is the volume of each shot fired, and at what depth?
  11. How does the operator control the depth of each shot?
  12. How much pressure is used to fire each shot?

Ingredients Spotlight: Salicylic Acid

What is Salicylic Acid?

Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid (BHA), phenolic compound, meaning that the hydroxy part of the molecule is separated from the acid part by two carbon atoms, instead of one (AHA). It is derived from willow bark and belongs to the salicylates. Salicylic acid is oil-soluble; therefore, it works on and below the skin’s surface, penetrating through the skin’s lipid layers with ease.

What are the benefits?

  • Unclogs blocked pore, dissolving blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Anti-inflammatory, reduces redness in existing acne.
  • Removes excess oil, preventing further breakouts.


How does it work?

Salicylic acid unclogs block pores by breaking apart desmosomes (attachments between cells in the outer layer of the skin), this allows the contents of the blocked pore to loosen, and be dissolved by the salicylic acid, along with the excess oil in the pore. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, causing red inflamed spots to fade faster.

Which of our FTT products contain Azelaic Acid?

Reveal – Glycolic Wash

5% Glycolic Acid, 2% Salicylic Acid

Contains the natural clinically proven AHAs, glycolic and citric acid to gently remove the build-up of dead skin cells together with salicylic acid to remove impurities and excess oil. This combination will cleanse the skin and increase cell turnover revealing new younger looking cells while preparing the skin for the further application of recommended daily care. Massage one pump onto dry skin. Leave on the skin for a few minutes to get to work before rinsing with warm water and patting dry. Do not use as an eye make-up remover. Can be used once or twice daily.

FTT Rejuvenate – Stimulating Daily Active Serum

12% Glycolic Acid, 2% Hyaluronic Acid, O.5% Salicylic Acid

Contains the natural clinically proven AHA, glycolic acid to gently remove the build-up of dead skin cells. It increases cell turnover to reveal the fresh, younger looking skin and it is effective at controlling breakouts, reducing pigmentation and fine lines.

Ingredients Spotlight: Hyaluronic Acid

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) or sodium hyaluronate is a humectant, it is a hygroscopic ingredient, meaning that it draws moisture in from its surroundings. It can retain over 1,000 times its weight in water within the cells of skin, making it a brilliant moisturiser. The average human body contains 15 grams of HA, one third of this gets synthesised on a daily basis; 50% of the remaining is found in connective tissues throughout our bodies, the other 50% can be found in the skin as HA it is a major component of the extracellular matrix. Our naturally occurring levels of  HA decrease with age therefore it is great to have hyaluronic acid in a skincare routine to help plump and hydrate lacklustre, dry skin.

What are the benefits?

  • Improves skin hydration and production of collagen
  • Fights free radicals
  • Maintains skin elasticity
  • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help with wound healing

How does it work?

When applied topically via skincare products the skin acts as a highly effective barrier and the hyaluronic acid molecules are too large to penetrate the dermis, which is where the moisture needs to be to help plump up fine lines and wrinkles. It sits on the skins surface and acts as a moisturiser due to its humectant properties, water is drawn into the skin from the surroundings, penetrating beneath the dermis, plumping up the skin, keeping it hydrated and supple. Hyaluronic acid is also an antioxidant, meaning it removes free radicals from the skins surface, preventing them causing damage to the skin.

Which of our FTT products contain Hyaluronic Acid?

FTT Hydrate – Hyaluronic Acid Serum

15% Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Hydrate contains natural hyaluronic acid, a powerful humectant to attract moisture into your skin. Hydrate is suitable for use in all skin types and absorbs quickly to hydrate and keep skin supple. This active serum will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst promoting an even skin tone and a youthful complexion. Optimal skin hydration helps to heal and soothe inflammation.

FTT Prime and Protect SPF 20 – Daily Moisturiser with SPF 20

Organic UVA and UVB filters, 2% Hyaluronic Acid, 2% Vitamin E, 5% Aloe Vera

An ultra-skin nourishing and anti-ageing moisturiser, providing all day hydration and protection. Harnessing peptides, to tighten and firm whilst diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin loving antioxidants encourage cell re-growth and regeneration. Your skin will be thoroughly hydrated whilst looking fresher, firmer and tighter.

FTT Rejuvenate – Stimulating Daily Active Serum

12% Glycolic Acid, 2% Hyaluronic Acid, O.5% Salicylic Acid

Contains the natural clinically proven AHA, glycolic acid to gently remove the build-up of dead skin cells. It increases cell turnover to reveal the fresh, younger looking skin and it is effective at controlling breakouts, reducing pigmentation and fine lines.

FTT Recover – Active Night Cream

0.8% Retinyl Palmitate, 1% Hyaluronic Acid, Argireline (Hexapeptide 12)

Provides some much needed extra care for your skin to help it repair and renew from the stresses of the day whilst you sleep. It has been specifically developed to help rejuvenate through its antioxidant activity. It also re-hydrates your skin to allow overnight recovery and reveal a softer more youthful appearance for the new day ahead.

FTT Refine – Intensive Eye Serum

1% Lactic Acid, 7% Refined Silica, 4% Vitamin E, 1% Vitamin C

Refine is an intensive eye serum which actively works to rejuvenate and repair the signs of ageing. Containing a unique blend of ingredients including vitamin E to hydrate, almond oil to repair and protect against the signs of ageing and lactic acid which has gentle resurfacing properties to diminish the appearance of crow’s feet and visibly improve clarity and tone.

Ingredients Spotlight: Retinol

What is Retinol?

It is a type of vitamin A that naturally occurs in the skin, regarded the powerhouse of skincare ingredients. Retinol and Retin-A are very different but are both classed at retinoids; retinol is an over the counter vitamin A, Retin-A is a prescription only retinoid used to treat more severe acne, arguably 2 of the most popular Retin-A products are Tretinoin and Adapalene. Over the counter products range from 0.1% to 1% although not all products disclose their concentration sometimes making it difficult to tell the potency

What are the key benefits?

  • Encourages cell turnover
  • Smooths skin texture by sloughing off dead skin cells and promoting the production of new ones
  • Reduces dark spots and pigmentation
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Calms spot prone skin due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties
  • Increases the natural production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin

How does it work?

When retinol is absorbed into the skin, enzymes work to convert it to retinoic acid, which overtime stimulates the production of new skin cells, fading away skin imperfections such as sun damage, hyperpigmentation and fine lines. Once absorbed and converted to retinoic acid, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid levels increase; these perform as antioxidants, neutralising free radicals and prevent ageing inflammation.

Which of our FTT Skin Clinics products contain Retinol?

FTT R+ – 1% Liposomal Retinol Serum

A powerful and highly effective serum containing one per cent liposomal retinol, a stabilised vitamin A derivative which has been clinically proven to increase cell turnover. R+ will reduce pore size, resulting in firmer younger looking skin as well as reduce, visible signs of ageing including pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Obagi Challenge

Obagi Challenge

Would you like glowing skin?  New skin in time for Christmas?

FTT SKIN CLINICS are looking for candidates to take the Obagi Challenge and be in the running for a first prize of £1000 holiday, second prize of £250 Obagi products, third prize of £100 worth of Obagi products.

What do I have to do?

Book in for a complimentary skin scan assessment and consultation.  And if you are suitable we will then prescribe your 12 week Obagi programme to be used at home under the guidance of our Nurses. We will also register you for the competition.

Who can enter? 

Obagi Medical is the perfect home care system for men and women wanting to

Reduce lines and wrinkles

Improve collagen

Reduce pigmentation

Reduce acne scarring

Even out their skin tone

For full information and full Terms and Conditions visit

What side of your face looks better?

What side of your face looks better ?

Scientific research has shown that the left side of our faces is the most appealing because we show more emotion on that side.

Left Side


Right Side

Have you ever pondered while looking in the mirror as to what your “best” side. Research shows that your left side probably looks better as after studying many mirrored images the “left side of the face” has consistently been rated as more aesthetically pleasing for both men and women regardless of age and race,

Nobody has a perfectly symmetrical face however it been proven that a degree of facial symmetry is what people find aesthetically pleasing to look at, or in other words “beautiful”.

At FTT Skin clinics we have an extensive treatment portfolio which will improve a number of issues and help improve facial symmetry.

FTT Glow Lux

FTT Skin – Glow Lux – 1 hour £120

The desire to have flawless, youthful looking skin is nothing new. The holy grail of perfect skin hasn’t changed over the years, blemish free skin is still seen as an indicator of health and well-being.


Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook filters aside everyone suffers from the same concerns whether you’re a  celebrity or mere mortal, skin is skin.

We can offer some clarity into skin and guide you through the maze with notable improvements  along the way. I know and understand that skin can be a cause of low self-esteem, anxiety, social isolation, and depression. I’ve seen it many times, first hand.

At FTT Skin Clinics we offer solution-based treatments in clinic and with bespoke, prescribed skin care together with our in clinic treatments.

FTT Glow Lux is a luxury one hour treatment which includes Hydrofacial, Exfoliation, Dermaplaning, LED mask, hand or foot treatment all wrapped up in our slimming blanket.  This is not only a phenomenal treatment for you, your skin, its also a wonderful gift to give and superb for brides for with their final prep.  So relaxing…….

Still pure loving myself

Still pure loving myself …..

Last night I popped on a new profile pic last night at #shaba19.




Turns out it was almost a year ago since I was last updated my profile pic in 2018. So I thought I’d dare to compare my 2017 profile photo.

I was quite taken aback, shocked almost, at the difference. I totally put my hands up, these are not clinical, like for like photos but neither are they filtered or photo-shopped.

2017 was a truly hellish year. I almost died after 2 massive strokes and a takotsubo cardiomyopathy. I survived and made changes ❤️

What really struck me from the 2017 photo was how much better I am now in 2019, not just how I look but how I feel physically and mentally.  Some self love is a good thing, I feel. If it makes you feel good, happier in your own skin & look good then why not. Life’s hard enough at times.  Thank you for all the lovely positive messages and comments and questions.  I thought I’d answer questions here.

I honestly don’t spend anymore time on my face than any average working mum. Ask my family. I’m up and out in 30 mins, hair and makeup!!!  What I do use everyday on my skin is highly effective and fast.

I’ve had Silhouette Soft thread lift earlier this year,  also some Profhilo in my face and neck, some HIFU in lower face, some Exilis Ultra around eyes – There are some benefits of having your own clinic.

I do love  a monthly bespoke FTT facial and WowFusion every 3 months.

Thank you Sharon for taking the photo and your expert makeup.

That’s me.


Frances Turner Traill talks lip augmentations!

Frances Turner Traill is regarded as one of the most skilled and experienced medical aesthetic practitioners in the UK. She has over 25 years’ experience within the NHS, and is a leader in the specialty of Aesthetic Medicine for more than 10 years. Frances is passionate about aesthetics and the joy the results can yield. “It’s not about vanity, it’s about the confidence that our aesthetic treatments can give back”. Her skin clinics, in Glasgow and Inverness, offer a range of professional treatments including PERFECTHA dermal fillers. We caught up with Frances recently to get the low down on lip augmentations, this is what she had to say.


Why have fuller lips become such a big trend?

In the last few years’ fuller lips have become a massive trend because many younger women look to social media images of celebrities like Kylie Jenner as the ideal image.

What should a patient expect from a practitioner and treatment?

You should always do your research and make sure the practitioner is on the NMC, GDC or GMC register to prove their medical qualifications.

The consultation

At the consultation you will be asked medical questions to ascertain if you are suitable for lip augmentation treatment. Questions you would expect to be asked are; if you have ever had a cold sore, if you have any current prescriptions and if you have any past medical history such as allergies or previous adverse reactions. Your practitioner will take photographs of you smiling, pouting and at rest front and side on. They will also examine your teeth and discuss with you what you are hoping to achieve with the procedure. They should explain the lip ratio, the anatomy of the lip and what can and cannot be achieved with your lips. Finally, they will explain the risks and benefits, allowing you time to make an informed choice.

Which PERFECTHA products do you use for lips?

Perfectha products are perfect for lip augmentations. Perfectha Derm gives a lovely natural look for first timers, those looking for a subtle natural look and/or for patients require definition to the lip border, philtrum column’s, bleed lines. While Perfectha Deep gives a lovely long lasting fuller pout. A combination of the two Perfectha’s is perfect for patients who requiring staged lip augmentations of 2mls or more using Deep for body and Derm for finer details around the lip which are importance in the look and support of the lip.

What are the risks involved?

Bruising and swelling can occur and are not abnormal reactions, however, your practitioner will advise you at consultation about the risks involved and more importantly, how they are managed both effectively in the clinic and at home. We educate our patients about the arteries and veins which run closely to the lip, particularly the top lip. We also advise our patients that in the unlikely event of an adverse event what the care management would be.

What makes a suitable candidate?

In my experience I find that if I ask all my patients to grade their lips on photographic scale of 1-5 I can manage their expectations more effectively. Only a full medical consultation can determine if you are suitable for this treatment.

How long does it last and what is the recovery time?

Due to the motility of the lip area we find that dermal fillers last around 6 months. However, some patients may find that it lasts longer.

If you are interested in having the PERFECTHA pout with Frances in Glasgow or Inverness then please call 01698 458954.

Aesthetic Treatments – Just For You.

Aesthetic Treatments, what are they and why are they our secret treasure? Keep reading, you’re about to find out. Aesthetic Treatments is the best non-surgical therapies to repair damaged skin, or simply renew it. Ageing is inevitable but the good news is that minimally invasive injectable treatments to tackle wrinkles and ageing skin are becoming more effective. So don't feel shy about accepting a little help to turn back the clock.



Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure in which dead cells, on the outermost surface of the skin is partially or completely removed by light abrasion. The removal of the dead skin cells reveals the softer more youthful looking skin cells underneath. But why does this give immediate results? Well, this being one of our famous Aesthetic Treatments gives fantastic results. It smoothens and buffs the skin. It is great for fine lines as these tend to be dehydration lines, a problem which is clearly noticeable on damaged skin, but luckily a problem that with the right care, is so easily managed. It helps to unclog pores and release those dreaded teenage feeling blackheads.

It is an all year round treatment, though during the winter or particularly before travelling to hotter climates, it proves to have the best effects. Even if you are using good skincare at home, you can’t beat coming into clinic for a treatment and have the therapist do a thorough, caring treatment, taking time to cover the full area and all your personal, specific concerns.

Close up of girls red lips with blonde hair swept across them


Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (ACP) using electrolysis is one of our aesthetic treatments suitable for a wide diversity of skin blemishes that is and can be quickly and easily treated with immediate and effective results, offering an eventual blemish free smooth skin. As far back as the early 1900’s electrolysis was popular and becoming the go-to non-surgical aesthetic treatment. It is popular for the removal of skin tags, the managing of thread veins, cherry spots, and warts. With the use of a fine needle (millimetre thickness) and heat to cauterise the blood supply, it causes the veins to disappear. The probe used in the procedure is tiny, so the area being treated is localised – meaning there is no damage to the surrounding skin. It is a quick and precise procedure, with dramatically better results, which is why ACP has remained so popular over the decades.

Ladies eye that has been treated showing before and after

Hair Electrolysis

Hair Electrolysis is a method of removing individual hairs from the face or body. Today's medical electrolysis devices destroy the growth center of the hair with chemical or heat energy. After a very fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle, the hair is removed with tweezers. With the removal of individual hairs, it a famous, Aesthetic Treatment that can be altered and productive to your specific needs. There is a small needle inserted into the follicle where then, heat is applied to kill off the blood supply that is at the root of the hair. It is renowned as a good finishing treatment to Laser or IPL hair reduction treatments where there are sparse hairs left to treat.

Lady with before and after photo's showing less wrinkles after treatment


The famous aesthetic treatment. The non-surgical treatment that, as well as results, provides a great muscle workout for the face. CACI works great in conjunction with our RF machine to tighten the skin as the muscle is lifting from underneath your skin. It gives a lasting result also, as it improves blood circulation and this gives long lasting, plumper, radiant skin. With no aftercare needed, this is a quick, effective treatment that paired with advanced skincare at home, can give the longest lasting results. Of all our aesthetic treatments, CACI is the quickest, best way to non-surgically rebuff the skin. At FTT Skin Clinics, we have the experts, with the expert tools, who naturally, give the expert treatment.