FTT Skin Clinics Update 16 April 2023


Yes we’re back but for something slightly different. Me and my sister Moira flew out to JFK on Thursday to join 1000’s of fellow Scots celebrating NYC Tartan Week 2023 and… to watch my Niece kick off the Tartan Day Parade with Highland Cathedral on the drums!

Can you believe it, from Oban to NYC, what an amazing experience watching the Scottish pipers and drummers take over Manhattan, all 3000 of them! The last couple of days we have enjoyed the sights of NYC with a touch of home filled through streets, and what a party it has been. And to my niece Anna, go on girl! What a sight to see you kick off the parade for New York City.

Back in the Big Apple!

This upcoming week, we will undergo the HIS inspection at Hamilton HQ. Having been registered with Health Improvement Scotland for 9 years and subject to regular inspections as part of our affiliation with this governing body, we listened to a great insightful podcast hosted by HIS last week, and we believe there is valuable information to share with you.

Very easy to remember, but could make all the difference when deciding where and what treatment to go for. We have boiled it down to the 4 S’s, STAFFSAFETYSERVICES and SUPPLYStaff, making sure your provider is registered with medical governing body.

Know your 4 S’S

Safety, making sure patient safety is at the core of the provider and a complications management is in place in-case any complications arise during treatment. Services, making sure you are provided with the best possible standard of service before, during and after your treatment. And finally Supply. As well as providers and premises, stock and supply has to be regulated to make sure you are receiving safe and medical grade products. Taking the time to do your research will ensure you that you are making the right important decisions. Patient experience and safety is at the core of HIS which we continuously develop to bring further improvements to FTT Skin Clinics. We would love to hear from you on your patient experience in clinic. Drop us an email!

This week for Millennial era, we discuss Collagen Banking! Millennial’s right now are depleting in Collagen steadily. Before coming into Perimenopause and Menopause we can stabilise and top up our bag of Collagen to ensure no sudden drop and decline in Collagen levels later on. Think of it is a car running on petrol, keep the tank filled up little and often before it runs dry and can’t bring it back up. For Millennials, at FTT Skin Clinics we recommend some amazing treatments to ensure you’re keeping your Collagen levels stabilised before to avoid them falling off. Microneedling, helping your skin regulate it’s skin cell turnover and help restore healthy skin functioning.

Next up, Ellanse. A popular treatment at FTT Skin Clinics which works slightly differently from an HA Dermal Filler. This Dermal Filler as well as filling restarts and reproduces your natural collagen production giving you a more holistic approach to Fille Treatment. And Finally, Sculptra the collagen stimulating injectable treatment replacing lost Collagan with Poly Lactic Acid. This treatment is not to be slept on! If you want to create a Collagan banking treatment plan, drop us an email or give a call to book your consultation now.

Millennial Collagen Banking 

Next week, we will write to you from our Phenomenal Eye Event and staff dinner, celebrating our Aesthetics Awards win last month! If you are interested in attending our exclusive launch of Phenomenal Eye, drop us an email at enquiries@francesturnertraill.co.uk. In the meantime, we’re heading back to the streets of NYC for dinner and drinks!

We hope you have a good week ahead and as always please do join us on InstagramFacebook and TikTok for updates throughout the week.