FTT Skin Clinics Update 17 April 2022

Happy Easter Sunday readers! We are enjoying the final day of our Easter weekend break before we head back to our full 6 day clinic as of tomorrow Monday 18th! This weekend our staff have enjoyed a variety of Easter celebrations from Easter Egg Hunts, family gatherings and maybe a late one tonight.. Today you can head to our socials to see a great post on how to be mindful of your chocolate intake this Easter! Let’s be honest, it’s hard to avoid the abundance of Easters Eggs this weekend and we certainly don’t blame you. We’ve listed some top tips on how to swap for a healthier option this Easter as well as letting you know how our good old friend Cadbury’s can effect your skin and aging process. Read here to find out further!

Happy Easter Sunday from Team FTT 

A gift from us to you this Sunday, we’ll let you in on a special one Ellanse! Last week we mentioned the treatment and why this might be the best treatment option for you this Summer. So why not give you an amazing case study to do all the talking! Ellanse, is an amazing alternative to HA Filler. Unlike HA Filler which primary use is to fill areas of lost volume, Ellanse as well as restoring volume is a collagen reproduction. Once the treatment has been carried out, immediate results will show like Kirsty’s treatment below. But really it’s after when the filler gets to work reproducing that baby bounce collagen. In 12 weeks your natural collagen will be restored which can last up to over a year depending on patient, this is when you will see your real natural, authentic results.

Kirsty’s Ellanse Results

Kirsty at 27 was starting to notice the first signs of aging with loss of volume around the Cheek and Nasolabial area. Ellanse will not only restore the lost volume but rejuvenate the skin giving her an all round refreshed, younger appearance. Most of our patients who receive Ellanse treatment are 40+ – We wanted to demonstrate why Ellanse is great treatment for a variety of age groups. Next week we being you a further Ellanse Case Study on our beautiful patient of 45. If you are interested in discussing Ellanse Treatment with one of our Nurses, book your initial treatment consultation with us by heading to our website here.

Hot topic of the week which was on everyone’s reading list! Congratulations to Brooklyn & Nicola Beckham on their beautiful day, hosted by Vogue! We were spoilt for choice looking over all the amazing images from the day. From the venue to the guests to the beautiful outfits dressed and styled by the Queen herself posh spice. But there was one thing us all at FTT wanted to know.. How and what did Nicola prep her skin for the amazing day. Well we did the snooping and we delivered. In preparation for the Wedding of the year, Nicola’s facialist Lena Bratschi’s mission was to ensure that Nicola had the best canvas for her Make Up Artist to work with on the biggest day of her life! Bratschi’s mission was to ”restore her natural and rebalanced skin to it’s perfect best.”

How can you achieve Nicola’s look?

In the days prior to the Wedding Nicola has facials and treatments including LED therapy to help build collagen and balance the skin. Plus oxygen infusion to hydrate and nourish, and cryogenic stem cells to promote healthy cell regeneration. She also had lymphatic drainage massages and facial muscle stimulation to ease out any tension or anxiety in lead up to her special day. On the day Bratschi focused on facial sculpting and hydration, the perfect pre make up prep. Are you a bride-to-be? Do you work in the public eye, or just generally want to look and feel good? Here at FTT Skin Clinics we work closely with our resident multi-award winning Make Up Artist Sharon Cuthbert who has worked on some of the most amazing weddings in Scotland. Together we can help you create that perfect canvas for special day with a little bit of extra magic. If you have that special event coming up and not sure on how to begin your skin’s preparation, email us at enquiries@francesturnertraill.co.uk to book in your initial skin consultation.

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Next week we begin and prep for the next upcoming Summer months at FTT with exciting preparations already in place! Summer we look forward to seeing you soon! Frances & Team xxx