FTT Skin Clinics Update 19 March 2023

And it’s Mother’s Day!  I hope you all had a lovely day today wherever you were.  We climbed up Arthur’s seat in Edinburgh.  I’ve wanted to climb up there for ages but never got round to it.  It was brilliant. Well worth the effort. Then to Ka Pao and a cheeky cocktail at The Alchemist both in St James Quarter. A grand day out.So many times I get told, I’m a bit frightened about injectables, about it going wrong and looking fake as often portrayed in the media.  I want to reassure you the media rarely show the good it’s always bad news sells.  As you’ll know, the UK aesthetics market is unregulated, in that anyone can inject.  That said all registered medical providers, nurses, dentists and doctors must work from a HIS regulated clinic.  Clinics like FTT SKIN CLINICS are stringently regulated to the same level as an NHS hospital.  I personally think it’s a good thing.  I only wish the government would regulate the unregistered non medics.  Latest news is that there is a BILL prepared in the wings bidding for time to be read at Scottish Parliament.  Onwards and upwards.

My team and I have developed a specialised facial treatment which which enhances your skin to give off a glow that should belong on the red carpet, using our cutting edge tech and dermal filler but without the injections!!
Our New Phenomenal Facial (£250) is the best choice for our patients who could have a phobia’s for needles or want a super surge in skin health for final preparations before any event to achieve your best look. The procedure tones, lifts and creases the skin by regenerating collagen and elastin whilst using a light dermal filler (not injected!) that utilises the most recent plasma technology. This procedure is also used to treat acne and rosacea as it lowers your sebum production, inflammation in the skin and bacterial sterilisation. It also further reduces pigmentation and melasma.  It’s great deal given that you are having 1 syringe rrp £300 plus all the excellent treatment modalities too.
Click to book in PHENOMENAL FACIAL with Gillian and Nikki in Inverness and Natalie and Marie in Hamilton.
Body Sculpt build muscle and burn fat
March, not January is when people start to think about loosing weight as they can see Spring is just around the corner and want to dump the junk in the trunk!
With Summer just around the corner many people visualise themselves with what is known as a Summer Body, using our Body Sculpting programme can bring you one step closer to achieving your goal! Our state-of-the-art Body sculpting programme, Bodysculpt, was designed specifically to burn fat whilst at the same time constructing muscle tissue.  This device is only available in our Hamilton clinic, sorry.
Targeting the Bodysculpt build muscle and burn fat procedure primarily to add muscle, primarily to lose fat, or a combination of the two.

Bypassing both the constraints of the brain and the muscles, Bodysculpt successfully contracts the muscles in the treatment area at higher intensities than would be possible during a typical workout.
FTT offers the following Body sculpt Build Muscle and Burn Fat procedures:

Abdomen, Buttocks, Thighs, Biceps , Triceps, Hips and Shoulders.

We can also speed up results by combining our body-sculpting procedures with the DIMAGRA weight loss programme, which will make you feel and look better.

Contact us right away to talk about your worries and start your body-contouring adventure with FTT.

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