FTT Skin Clinics Update 20 February 2022

Greetings love birds, we hope you all were feeling the love this week for Valentines, whether that be M&S Dine for 2, some well deserved pamper self care or your favourite naughty takeaway, it was certainly a week filled of joy and sharing the love here at FTT Skin Clinics. Glasgow City Centre too was filled with couples and Valentines groups all weekend out for a bit of fun & romance. Our team spent the day in variety! Nahl our Front of House decided to treat herself with some self care Monday night whilst listening to her favourite playlist, Kirsty & her partner stayed in and made Pizzas together, Paula and her family took a trip back down the road to Campbeltown for some home comforts and Natalie and her partner stayed up a little later than usual to watch Sunday night’s Superbowl! We’d love to hear how you all spent this years Valentines after a locked down one previous. Single or taken, Valentines is everyday here so let’s continue to spread the love all year round.
A Love Note from FTT Skin Clinics..

Some of your Valentines plans last week might of either involved Netflix’s The Tinder Swindler or Inventing Anna, on a binge! Both hit shows in Netflix’s top 10 at this moment, with Inventing Anna now at number 1 and The Tinder Swindler at number 2. Well, we can safely say we binged them both in space of 2 days, which provided some laughs last and this week in clinic. Posted on our socials, we thought we would share the laugh here. Both impostors took a trip to FTT Skin Clinics..
Simon & Anna Took A Trip to FTT Skin Clinics!

Included in Frances’s weekend plans, last Friday herself and John set off 2am to make a long car Journey down to Brighton for the weekend with Gary from the FTT Skin Lab! But first, 9am Bicester Village. If you haven’t heard heard of Bicester Village, well.. keep this to yourself! Just outside of Oxford town centre, a luxury shopping centre filled with over 160 of the best high end fashion retailers, with outlets and reductions which will have knocking on the shop window at 9am.. literally.. Frances had to hang tight until opening told by the manager. A couple of hours there, then off to continue the trip down to Brighton for the afternoon. Frances and John spent the weekend with the head of our Lab Gary discussing some amazing things for FTT Skin. At FTT we always ask our clients how their finding their products and what they think is missing from their routine. It’s our job to fill those gaps and provide solutions for you and your skincare routine, and this weekend we did exactly that. Discussing new products, FTT Skin Body Range including mists, lotions and serums. All our FTT Skincare products go through vigorous lab testing and trails to make sure we provide you with the best scientifically proven ingredients out there. New products are in the pipeline which we can’t wait to share with you soon.
Frances and John in FTT Skin Lab in Brighton

As well as Valentines this week we celebrated The Day of Woman and Girls in Science. You’d think or hope this day would be as celebrated as Valentines. At FTT Skin Clinics, we are all about woman empowerment and this day does exactly that. The international day recognises the critical role girls and woman play in science and technology. AT FTT we have 8 woman who have gone on to study Nursing and Medicine at University. With the guidance and belief, we have created and supported pathways for some amazing woman in our clinic, some of which are currently balancing their degree whilst working in our clinics, Paulina at our Hamilton HQ and Gillian up in Inverness. Woman really are the Queens of multi-tasking. We continue to champion all the woman in our clinic and out with to continue building your pathways into science and technology. We all need more of this.
Day of Girls & Woman in Science & Technology

Next week we bring you some amazing results from Glasgow based make up artist and long term client, Laura Dawson. Frances has now been treating Laura for a couple of years now and we can’t wait to show you her Anti-Wrinkle and Filler results. Stay tuned, take care and we will see you next week! xxx