FTT Skin Clinics Update 20 March 2022

Hello readers, as mentioned last week this Sunday we come to you from down in the big smoke at ACE! The UK’s leading clinical conference and exhibition bringing the aesthetics journal to life! It’s amazing being back at this prestigious event, which unfortunately for the last 2 years we have been unable to attend, this year it has definitely felt that little bit more magical. The weekend commenced Friday 11th, 10:00am in the heart of the city. Nurse Frances took to the staged joined by Mr Mark Devlin & Dr Jo Ward, a live demonstration of full face treatment with dermal filler Revanesse. Head over to our Instagram reels once you have finished reading to see how the day panned out!

ACE Event London

This week we bring you yet another amazing offer, just because the gift of great skin is never enough at FTT! Now available to book at FTT Skin Clinics, HIFU full face and neck for 3 sessions over 12 months at now £1700. Over the last couple of years, non-invasive treatments are slowly over taking the demand for injectables, HIFU being one of them. This machine based treatment is used to significantly improve facial wrinkles and skin laxity, particularly effective for targeted improvement in the jawline, cheek, eyes, forehead and for sagging skin in the neck area. If you are interested in finding out more about HIFU treatment and if it is the right treatment for you, give us a call or head to our website by booking in your initial consultation!

HIFU 3 for 2

HIFU Targeted Fat ReductionThe stunning Mayara is not only the face of international premium dermal filler brand MaiLi, but is also a model for many famous brands and a patient of FTT Skin Clinics. Her monthly FTT Bespoke Facials keep her skin gorgeous and glowing, but sshh don’t tell anyone, she has a little tweakment in the injectable department, but more on models secrets later… The first noticeable signs of ageing are usually around the eyes and around the mouth. Mayara felt she was looking tired around her eyes. She also had a asymmetry to her bottom lip that really bugged her. Using MaiLi Precise Frances treated her tear trough area, and MaiLi Define to her lips. A little bit of muscle relaxing Toxin in the upper face to give her a refreshed, natural result. Under 1ml was used all together. Job done, beautifully. Only 2 days after treatment Mayara had a shoot and as you can see in her stunning selfie, she has no bruising or swelling. If you’re also looking for a natural, refreshed look, then why not book yourself in for a consultation!

The stunning Mayara

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