This Sunday we come to you after our Phenomenal Eye Event celebrating with both Hamilton and Inverness staff in Dalucianos Bothwell! If you weren’t able to attend our Phenomenal Eye event do not worry you can head to our website now and purchase our Phenomenal eye products now.

The day was filled with Cocktails, Canapes, Music from DJ Shannon Alison as well as two amazing Make Up Masterclasess from Sharon Cuthbert and Laura Dawson. Next week we’ll bring you all the behind the scenes of today’s event and what a party it was. Thank you to all that joined us and thank you to The Courtyard Hamilton for creating an amazing blend of cocktails this afternoon. We all hope you had as much fun as we did.

Now available to purchase online!
Phenomenal eye products

This week myself and Moira returned from our travels to New York City to celebrate with our fellow Scots at Tartan Week! Not only did we see our Anna kick start the Tartan Parade but also bumped into a few familiar faces including Actor, TV Personality and Model Gail Porter. We even included a gin to top it all off.

After a few days of tartan, gin and Scottish ceilidhs it was time to meet up with one of New York’s finest Surgeon’s, Dr Manolis Manolakakis! I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, we can never stop learning, growing or evolving within the Medical Aesthetics space, and one of the best ways to do so is collaborating with your peers and celebrating their expertise.

Dr M is a master of facial sculpting and it was an honour to spend the day with him in Manhattan, absorbing his skilled techniques whilst sharing some of his magic! Thank you again to Evolus and Scott for bringing us together with this meet up. Could you picture an FTT in the Upper East Side? Oh we totally could!

Manhattan Meet up with Facial Surgeon Dr Manolis Manolakakis 

Continuing the discussion of Millennials this month, on our socials last week I discussed all things Retinoids. Most Millennials right now have either started on Vitamin A or are looking to expand into their skincare routine. With Vitamin A sold on the high street as well as being prescribed in different percentages, where do you start with Vitamin A and which Retinoid is for you? First things first, we recommend introducing a low strength Retinoid into your routine around the age of 25, for example our FTT Signature Recover!

After the age of 25 our Collagen and Elastin will slowly start to deplete. Start in slow doses with a Vitamin A for a steady turnover of skin cells. As we get older and have used a slow dose of Vitamin A on our skin, lets increase this to a higher percentage as well as using it every 2nd night, for example R+, at 2%. Many of our Millennial patients in-coorperate R+ into their routine with amazing results appearing after three to four months. For Millennials start slow and steady with Vitamin A, if you think your skin is reacting with it then leave it out. We can build and work your skin up to Vit A even with sensitive and sensitised skin. If you’re looking to speak to one of our skin experts about Vitamin A and Retinoids, Book your complimentary skin consultation now to get started.

Retinoids and Millennials – Where to start?
FTT Skin Clinics Retinol Serum


Next week at FTT we bring you some more amazing Millennial results with the FTT Full Face Rejuvenation and what tweakments go that extra mile when it comes to giving you that overall refreshed look.
Have a good week ahead and as always please do join us on InstagramFacebook and TikTok for updates throughout the week.