FTT Skin Clinics Update 24 April 2022

This week we welcome back Dr Joanna and Nurse Paula who are back in our Hamilton clinic after a couple of weeks off for Easter! Our full team sheet started back treating this week after their Easter weekend of a lot of fun. Our two advanced practitioners have an exciting month ahead filled with new treatment training as well as advancing current treatment skills. If you are booked in with us in the upcoming weeks please note our Car Parking directly out the front of the clinic is open to all, now with both sides of the car park open.

This week Frances was honored to have been featured in The Insider Magazine. Frances has been featured as one of the top 20 Most Inspiring Woman in Scotland, Wow!  Featuring up with some amazing woman across the country in a variety of industries, the article highlights Frances journey within the Medical Aesthetics industry as well as how she runs her own growing business. You can read the full article by heading to The Insider here. You go girl!

The Insider – Top 20 Most Inspiring Woman in Scotland 

Meet Advanced Aesthetic Doctor – Dr Joanna
This week we get to know Dr Joanna a little better! Dr Jo as we love to call her is an advanced aesthetic injector with a Masters Degree in Medical Aesthetics. One of the very few in Scotland who have obtained the qualification. Her background began in Dentistry having studied to be a dental surgeon at Warsaw University! So, you’re looking for treatment? Just check out Joanna’s locker! Her aesthetic speciality includes all advanced toxin injections: TMJ, Massetter, Facial Slimming, Gummy Smile, Teeth Grinding, Nefertiti Face Lift, Nasal Flaring, Pebble Stone Chin, Downward Smile, Palsy correction and so much more! Now that’s just toxin, not to mention being highly trained and skilled at HA Dermal Filler Treatments and Ellanse. As well as being a highly credited expert in treatments, our advanced aesthetics injector loves to treat herself! What we like to call the FFR – Full Face Rejuvenation combining HA Dermal Fillers and Toxin. Not too mention is you’re looking for anything health and wellness related, she will have the recipe for you. Her favourite Macha Tea as well as winding down to Moon Salutation Routine. If you would like to book in for any of the above listed treatments with Dr Jo, head to our booking system here. She might even let you in on her magic go to juice for that glowing skin!

New Treatment to FTT Skin Clinics
Plasma Hair Rejuvenation now available at FTT Skin Clinics – Using a combination of Plasma Shower, Calecium and Microneedling our Hair Rejuvenation Treatment is designed to target hair loss found both in Male and Female patients. Over the course of the pandemic as well as post covid, many hairdressers and clinical practitioners have seen a rise in patients experiencing new loss of hair. Unfortunately research is still under way into relating the two together. What we do know is hair loss is a common concern which has and can effect people for a variety of reasons those including: Stress, underlying health concerns, imbalance of Vitamin D, Follate & Iron as well as irritation from use of certain hair products. By using these three effective treatments in clinic, our Nurses and practitioners will rejuvenate and renew the loss of hair in effected areas. If you may be concerned you are losing or shedding more hair than normal, book your consultation with either of our Advanced Aesthetician’s Anna, Natalie or Paulina now. You can find their availability by heading the our booking system here.
Plasma Hair Rejuvenation 

Next week we head into the last week in April, wrapping up Rosacea Awareness Month. Over the past month we have showcased some of our top Rosacea cases studies, bringing you the last case study tomorrow on our social media handles. We have loved having you involved with raising awareness on this matter, answering all your questions on the topic as well as hearing your concerns from experiencing symptoms. Next month we continue to to raise awareness on the next topic of the month which you will hear from us shortly. To continue to learn more on Rosacea as well as passing onto your friends and family, visit to our page on the skin concern by visiting here.
Rosacea Case Study Marie

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We’ll be back with you all again next week on Sunday 1st May! Who has their Summer holiday booked!? Take Care Frances & Team xxx