FTT Skin Clinics Update 30 April 2023

Starting with, Phenomenal! If you didn’t catch us on socials, last Sunday we celebrated the launch of our brand new products Phenomenal Eye! A huge thank you to everyone who came and supported not only our Aesthetics Awards win but the launch of this incredible new product we have been working on for the last year.

The afternoon was spent enjoying a list of fresh cocktails provided by 31 Courtyard, Deep House mix from DJ Shannon Alison and two great Masterclasses from MUA Laura Dawson and Sharon Cuthbert. It was so great meeting and hearing your interest in these new products. If you did not manage to attend last Sunday’s event do not worry, our two Phenomenal products are live now on the FTT website.

 Huge thank for everyone that came to our Phenomenal Event!

FTT Skin Clinics Be Phenomenal range

So, what makes them so PHENOMENAL? We did our research thoroughly when it came to creating the ingredients list for both our Phenomenal Eye Cream and Phenomenal Eye Serum. Like skincare, eye products are saturated over the market, however we wanted to give you the results of prescription products without the prescription.

Mixing up the special menu with off the market ingredients, we created a formula which not only gives you results but exceeds your expectations. Hydrating and filled with anti-oxidant’s, we sometimes forget our eye area needs that little bit of extra nourishment when it comes to self care. Sensitive, puffy and sometimes irritable, our Phenomenal Eye Cream and Serum combines a powerful effect of clinically provan ingredients as well as reducing the effects of hair loss and damage. Sounds phenomenal? Just you wait for the results to kick start!

Available now to purchase on our website or in clinic. You’re eye’s haven’t seen anything like it yet!
FTT Skin Clinics Be-Phenomenal range

Moving on, this week we wrap up our Millennial era with one cracking FTT case study! Meet Rachel, 38 years old. When it comes to skin care Rachel is beyond clued up with her routine down to a T morning and night. Now using FTT prescription service, the quality of rachel’s skin health has been built up over the last number of years which will serve her greatly. However this time Rachel came to us with a different concern we hear frequently amongst Millennials; Tired Eyes and lack of skin elasticity, yep we know the one! Not having had any injectable treatments before, Rachel now felt it was time for a freshen up.

Strategically placing 6ml of HA Dermal Filler across multiple areas of the face achieved her goal of freshening up as well as lifting areas where there was loss of volume. Now you might be thinking 6ml? That’s a lot! In Rachel’s case, placing the Dermal Filler carefully across the face allowed for her to take the filler without looking ‘Overdone’. Natural and authentic, Rachel has achieved her goals with an FTT Full Face Rejuvenation. Are you feeling the same as Rachel however don’t know where to start with with your treatment plan? Contact us now and book your complimentary consultation with one of our providers.

Rachel Full Face Rejuvenation Millennial Era

After Millennials it comes GEN X! (The best generation I must say!) We can’t wait to show you some more amazing case studies and treatments for GEN X era. In the meantime readers happy ANOTHER bank holiday!

Have a good week ahead and as always please do join us on InstagramFacebook and TikTok for updates throughout the week.