FTT Skin Clinics Update 30 January 2022

We’re finally here, the last week in January! We’re starting to hear the birds chirp already, and snowdrops appearing, what a sigh of relief. Those dark winter mornings are slowly leaving us behind with the 8am Blue Hour just around the corner! Oh how we’ve missed you.

A big welcome to all our new followers on here and on Instagram and Facebook.  I thought, I’d mention it again about the Facebook page View From My Window, as so many of you are loving it too.  It’s an amazing collection of window views from across the world started up during lockdown.  Have a look for yourself!
This week we enjoyed training as well as dinner and drinks with both our Hamilton and Inverness staff together. Nikki took herself down the  A9 to join us for two days of Bespoke Facial and Obagi training topped off with dinner and drinks with the rest of our team to celebrate good ol’ Robbie Burns! This year we passed on the Haggis and enjoyed a great night of Asian styled street food at Salt Hamilton, and WOW what a spread. Of course a couple of cocktails did no harm too.

Burns Night Dinner at Salt Hamilton

Wednesday mornings are training mornings at FTT Hamilton! This week our staff were joined by the lovely Rachel from Obagi to train and discuss some exciting new Obagi Bespoke Facial treatments coming soon to FTT Skin Clinics in both Hamilton and Inverness. (More about that next week, I promise) Our team have been working and training hard to bring you the ultimate bespoke facial experience at FTT, with both FTT Skin Range & Obagi Medical. Rachel took the time to show us all some amazing new products and techniques to bring to you. Stay tuned over the next coming weeks as we bring you both FTT Bespoke Facial Experience & Obagi Bespoke Facial Experience.

Obagi Facial Training with Rep Rachel

After back to back days of training, our Inverness Angel Nikki is now taking Bespoke Facial bookings. She has been working hard to along side Frances and our other Aesthetician’s to take her training to the next level at FTT! We’re super proud of you Nikki and excited for all her upcoming clients to enjoy and see amazing results from her Bespoke Facial experience. To book in now with Nikki head to our online booking system here, or give our team a call 01698458954.

Nikki Now Open for Bespoke Facials

Coming soon is Lanluma Body to FTT. Currently finalising the finishing touches, our exclusive treatment will be available at FTT this Spring Summer. This injectable treatment is a game changer for cellulite, mummy tummy’s, hip dips, crepey skin anywhere on your body.  Just giving you the heads up now for summer.  If you would like to find out more information on this upcoming treatment, book now your consultation with Nurse Frances.

Lanluma Body Coming Soon to FTT Skin Clinics

In the meantime readers we wish you a very Happy first of February when it comes. Pucker up because it’s Valentines around the corner and we have some exciting gift deals coming for you all. Take care xx