How have you all been this week? I’ve had a really good week  & hope yours was too. Mine started off well as you know with Obagi Ambassador of the Year win and Burns night was welcome distraction to our routine.  The highlight of the week, wasn’t Obagi award, it was finding a wee cafe that’s local to my dad in Fort William who home delivers.  It was a tight rope of negotiations and subterfuge to bring home the bacon, literally. To put you in the picture, he’s a very independent, 87 year young, widower with rubbish cooking skills and heavy reliance on his slow cooker who doesn’t like a fuss. You get the idea.  So my sister and I had the genius idea.  As a celebration of my daughter, Lilli, being offered her dream place at the university of her choice, we’d get grandad involved in the celebrations too.  So, together with their Oban cousins, his grandchildren fronted the whole ruse with grandad. He didn’t suspect a thing & was over the moon with his hearty, afternoon tea delivery with home made soup.  Consequently, he’s also tucked into delicious hone cooked, wholesome, hot meals, soup, sandwiches with cakes from with no resistance. Only wish I’d thought of it sooner .That’s me finished my Dimagra Keto diet 21 days.  I’m delighted to have lost 12lbs and like I said it’s not the weight loss that was my goal it was the visceral fat around midriff that had to go.  Its not good for your health.  It had to go.  And it has.  I can fit into clothes that I haven’t been able to. I feel much, much better and look better too. Look good, feel good, right? Lots of you have asked about it and here’s the most common questions you’ve asked with my honest answers. Is it difficult? Honestly, it couldn’t be easier. It’s 3 shakes a day, with meat & vegetables for lunch, 2 litres of water a day and two supplement drinks. I would say it’s strict. Don’t go in half hearted. Commit and do it.

We’re you ever hungry? No, never. Opposite as I actually struggled to eat the daily food allowance.

What’s different about it? It started off its life as a preparation for patients about to undergo Bariatric surgery. It was so successful that for many, they didn’t need to go ahead with bariatric interventions.

Did you feel sick or ill? No, not at all. Bit of a headache on day one, that’s all. I think the supplementary drinks twice a day really help with keeping everything in balance.

Top tips?  Go in 100%. Take each day as it comes, one day at a time. A week in with 14 days ahead was a bit of a hump. How do you eat an elephant? One day at a time!

What now? I’ll carry on with no / low carbs / keto as it seems to suit me. Must be my meat and two veg upbringing (sorry potatoes, you don’t get an invite)

How much is it? Just shy of £200 for 21 day kit box. I had in my head, okay that’s under £10 a day, how much are the daily bacon rolls from Pete’s cafe and the coffees from my favourites Roasted & Gro?

Anyway, here’s my before and afters.  If anyone has any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them and we might do an Instagram live Q&A if there’s enough interest.

So that’s me for this week folks, February tomorrow and fingers crossed, wee Nicola has got some good news for us on Tuesday and we get to see your lovely faces sooner rather than later.

Til then, take good care of yourselves and I’ll see you all soon.

Frances and team xx