FTT Skin Clinics Update 6 February 2022

Welcome back readers & greetings to the first week in February! For those celebrating Chinese New Year this week we hope it was a night to remember, we certainly heard all the fun on Monday night in central Glasgow! 2022 is the Year of the Tiger, representing strength, courage and bravery! For readers born in Tiger Years, you are said to be brave, passionate and eager to take on new challenges. Go on girl! This year is your year. You may have now noticed some changes over the last couple of weeks to our Social media, we have been working hard to bring you all the best information you need as well as new ideas to change up our Aesthetic! If you’re loving the look of our new pages, drop us a message! We love to hear from our readers and learn what new treatments you are interested in each week.

This weekend we had the fabulous Kaye Adams from Loose Woman back in clinic trying our new becoming most popular treatment, RFM Radio Frequency Microneedling. We couldn’t help but share her support during her visit, we have highlighted her visit on our stories highlights for you to take a further snoop at her treatment with us this week. Kaye has been a great client and friend of FTT over the last few years, this week we introduced her to our new best friend RFM. You’ve probably heard of Microneedling & you’ve probably heard of Radiofrequency. Well how about both, but better, at once. This phenomenal treatment, and we mean PHENOMENAL, stimulates collagen by utilising Radio Frequency energy to remodel and contour via sub-dermal adipose remodelling. I can see your eyes getting bigger as we speak..
This fractional treatment penetrates deep into the skin and fat for a smoother and sleeker appearance whilst helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Radiofrequency Microneedling works to tighten the skin, melting the area of fat under our chin that we all know we can get at at a certain age. Mind blown? Trust me, we know! As well as Kaye, this week Frances tried her second treatment out covering both the face and neck area. You can watch our informative reel on this new treatment by heading to our socials here.

And just because we can’t wait to share this treatment with you all, at FTT we are offering 3 sessions of RFM for the price of 2, covering both the face and neck as well as the eye area. We recommend only 3 treatments over 12 months for this treatment! To book now your RFM package head to our booking system here or give us a call on 01698458954

Kaye Adams x FTT RFM Treatment
Hamilton Clinic

Frances x RFM Treatment 
Hamilton Clinic

 This week Frances and John headed down to road for Obagi’s advanced Masterclass in Manchester. It’s so important to us at FTT Skin Clinics that we are constantly developing our knowledge and attending masterclasses. Wednesday’s masterclass was about understanding the pathophyiology of Pigmentation, Acne & Rosacea. Frances and John spent the day with other amazing professionals in the industry, sharing each others knowledge and expertise, discussing how to avoid complications when it comes to aesthetics treatments, observing best practices and restoring natural beauty and skin health! As well as attending the Obagi Master Class, we have been finalizing the touches to our Obagi Bespoke Facial here at FTT. Personalised to your skin’s health, each of our Obagi Bespoke Facials gives you the ultimate skin experience for it’s needs in-cooperating our Hydrofacial and LED light for a full hour’s experience. To find out more about our new treatment email us at enquiries@francesturnertraill.co.uk or drop us a call at 01698458954.

Obagi Advanced Masterclass in Manchester

At FTT we can’t stop giving! Some of you may know of our very popular treatment and award winning product Profhilo, new to the game in now Profhilo Body, coming soon to FTT Skin Clinics. We all know what an amazing treatment this is for the face and neck, and now you can get the results on any part of the body too. A truly amazing treatment to help banish crepey skin texture especially on the stomach and arms area. Profhilo gives your skin that gorgeous healthy, dewy appearance – helping out any thirsty places of the body! So, want to know more? Stay tuned via our social channels and newsletter for upcoming treatment dates. In February we prep for Summer!

Profhilo Body Coming Soon to FTT Skin Clinics

We finish off this week with TWO Top Tips to prepare yourself before coming into clinic. Any patients coming into clinic for any injectible treatments please come off any over the counter supplements and oils 7 days before. This is to prevent any extra swelling and bruising these supplements may cause. And for any patients who are currently on any strength of Tretinion, please come off this 3 days before any facial treatment. This is to prevent any negative reactions!
Take care readers and we will see you next week with more updates & treats xxx

Please note that we have been very busy since New Year and if you have any problems with appointment availability then please contact the clinic directly as we always have space for our loyal customers.