FTT Skin Clinics Update 6 March 2022

Hello dear readers as we welcome March with open arms. The last couple of months we’ve had storms, snow, dark mornings, early nights. Now, entering March we can’t help but notice those delightful early signs of Spring! Snowdrops as well as lighter pink skies in the evening. We’ve almost made it out the other end of a very Scottish Winter, yeeeha! As-well as the shift in seasons we’re noticing right now, we’ve entered a new moon in Pisces (what on earth is she talking about I hear you say.) Not all of us look into astrology, but to shine a little light, the new moon in Pisces will feel like a refreshment, a new month for new goals and new beginnings. So March, let’s have you! As we approach International Woman’s Day & Mothers day we have some great gift ideas for both your mum and you, more about this on our social media and upcoming newsletters in the next couple of weeks.

Mothers Day Ideas From FTT 

This week Nurse Frances was back up to her monthly treatment days in Inverness, from Anti-WrinkleDermal Fillers to the brand new RF Microneedling for our Inverness patients. It was great seeing familiar faces as well as welcoming new patients to our clinic. Aesthetician Nikki is filling up quickly with her Bespoke Facials and you can’t get enough of being in the treatment chair. If you are looking to book in with Nurse Frances for her Inverness clinic next month, drop us a message or give us a call to book in now as appointments are limited!

Frances Inverness Clinic April Dates

To celebrate Mothers day coming up this month, we are putting together the perfect Mother’s day package for you or to gift this March 27th. Now offering Profhilo Body with RF Microneedling, a package perfect to suit those who may have concerns over skin texture, scarring, stretch marks and crepey skin. Combining these two brand new treatments will provide you with maximum results when it comes to your skins elasticity, not just the face but full body. Anywhere! If you would like to find out more information on either of the treatments, join us next Wednesday 9th of March where Nurse Frances and MUA Laura Dawson will be going live on Instagram to show you exactly how RF Microneedling works! We will be discussing all the areas you can target with RFM as well as it’s amazing results and combination treatments which work hand in hand with this amazing machine based treatment. Simply head to our Instagram next Wednesday at 19:00pm, where you will have the chance to ask any questions to Nurse Frances and Laura Dawson. We hope to see you all then!

Nurse Frances RF Microneedling Instagram Live
Wednesday 9th March 9th 19:00pm

This week we could not wait to show you are transformation of the month. Just look at our 5 year stunning transformation on Angela, wow! Angela has been a patient at FTT for 5 years. She regularly gets muscle relaxing toxin injections, and over the years we have carried out monthly FTT Bespoke Facials. We have also treated Angela using MaiLi Dermal Filler for increasing volume in the skin, and Ellanse to improve the quality of her skin. Regular treatments in small amounts have resulted in her natural, refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. In between treatments as well as her FTT Bespoke Facials, Angela has her Skincare down to a T with the right FTT products suited to her skin type. As you can see, Angela looks only like herself. Like every other patient here FTT, we’re here to improve, refresh and reverse. If you are interested in any of the treatments Angela has received over her time at FTT, contact us now to arrange your complimentary consultation where we’ll create the perfect treatment plan tailored to you. Thank you Angela, we hope you are as thrilled with your results are we are.

Angela’s Transformation Treatment Plan

Other great news came this week with the Government to crack down on unregulated cosmetic procedures. Long over due! We are the only country in the world where non-medics can practice within a medical specialism. In Scotland, all medics in Medical Aesthetics are regulated and inspected by Health Improvement Scotland (who also regulated and inspect the NHS). We are also registered by our governing body’s NMC, GDC, GMC. This gives the Scottish public complete protection. Our hope is Nicola Sturgeon goes one step further in Scotland and keeps medical Aesthetics medical, and not follow England with a two tier system when an excellent standard is already in places.

Government Cracking Down on Unregulated Cosmetic Procedures

We ended our week last week with a lot of worry in the Traill house hold. If Lulu could talk, she’d have a few things to say about life and how to live it, that’s fore sure. Lulu suddenly became acutely and gravely ill yesterday and knew she needed immediate veterinarian attention. We cannot thank Nicola of the Avenues Veterinary Practice in Rutherglen, Glasgow for her outstanding out of hours 24hr critical care. We’re very lucky, relieved and hugely grateful for the outstanding care and attention of Veterinary Surgeon Nicola Armstrong. A week of highs and lows, but what a team at FTT to come in and work along side each other week in and week out supporting one and other. Next week we’ll take you through some of the best bits from our Instagram live, as well as showing you another cracker of an amazing treatment plan in our Inverness Clinic. In the meantime readers, take care of one an other and keep the love! xxx

Thank You Veterinary Surgeon Nicola Armstrong