Even I, the self-confessed biggest sceptic, could not believe my eyes seeing the results after just one session.  Seriously, no other device combines so well these two energies together, radio frequency and ultra sound waves, to give such an outstanding result. This exilis skin treatment is the revolutionary skin care procedure all the girls have been waiting for.

This machine performs by heating up the fat cells via a hand piece with a cooling tip which keeps you comfortable whilst heat penetrates deep up to 40-42 degrees at which point the cells are destructed and fat is released. Then the fat flows out to be eventually excreted out of the body.

Stop Girls, the Solution is here!

And the best part, with exilis skin treatment, when the cells we work on are completely destroyed (burst) those cells can never store fat in them again, hence less fat in the body. I know what you are thinking … how great is that?  A process called Apoptosis. Yes, Apoptosis. This is fast becoming my favourite word.  You can see evidence of this with white circular rings during treatment.

Does it hurt you ask?  No, not at all.  It is an intense heat for a very short time but not a single drop of pain as the cooling tip ensures a spa like comfort.  Actually, it has been said that it is a relaxing treatment to have done, and many find Exilis skin treatment it just as therapeutic as they do successful.  The ultra sound heat waves generated in the machine are pushed deep inside the cells to destroy the fat cells and the radio frequency is targeting the loose skin at the same time as well as stimulation of collagen fibres.  It such a versatile piece of equipment that you can alter the depth of which heat goes in and use it for both fat busting and tightening.  Score!

Woman examining wrinkles

The perfect way to get the 2016 body!

In one sitting you can get different areas of the body done and with no downtime at all.  A course of four treatments is booked with weekly intervals and all you have to do is lay down and relax.  After treatment, the effects are ongoing and by the third session you should notice some remarkable results. Even after your first treatment alone you will notice your skin feeling tighter and toned.

Now, you know those body parts which no matter how much you diet or exercise will just not budge? Before you start contemplating surgery as you look at the mirror, consider the options.  With surgery there’s the high cost, the operation itself and the risks you get with any surgery. Then there’s the downtime post-surgery and any possible side effects such as scarring, the pain and loose skin that may have to be treated with radio frequency.

At Frances Turner, our experts know best.

Compare this with Exilis Elite, the exilis skin treatment.  Less cost, no cuts or scars, absolutely no downtime, relaxing treatment and tightening of the loose skin at the very same time.  Where is the difficult decision? There isn’t one, it makes so much sense! Of course, as with any skin or fat related treatment, a sensible diet and light exercise would be recommended for optimum results.

This treatment will shape and tone the body parts without the need for needles, knives or downtime. This Exilis Elite has got recognition from the UK leading system for body contouring without the need for surgery.

Seriously, you have to try it to believe it. We at FTT did, and without a shadow of a doubt would jump at the chance of getting this exilis skin tightening treatment done again for all of the stubborn and sagging areas (too many to mention).  This really is the only machine that has proven me, the classic sceptic, totally wrong! So book it now and get the results you have been waiting for.