Frances Turner Traill talks lip augmentations!

Frances Turner Traill talks lip augmentations!

Frances Turner Traill is regarded as one of the most skilled and experienced medical aesthetic practitioners in the UK. She has over 25 years’ experience within the NHS, and is a leader in the specialty of Aesthetic Medicine for more than 10 years. Frances is passionate about aesthetics and the joy the results can yield. “It’s not about vanity, it’s about the confidence that our aesthetic treatments can give back”. Her skin clinics, in Glasgow and Inverness, offer a range of professional treatments including PERFECTHA dermal fillers. We caught up with Frances recently to get the low down on lip augmentations, this is what she had to say.


Why have fuller lips become such a big trend?

In the last few years’ fuller lips have become a massive trend because many younger women look to social media images of celebrities like Kylie Jenner as the ideal image.

What should a patient expect from a practitioner and treatment?

You should always do your research and make sure the practitioner is on the NMC, GDC or GMC register to prove their medical qualifications.

The consultation

At the consultation you will be asked medical questions to ascertain if you are suitable for lip augmentation treatment. Questions you would expect to be asked are; if you have ever had a cold sore, if you have any current prescriptions and if you have any past medical history such as allergies or previous adverse reactions. Your practitioner will take photographs of you smiling, pouting and at rest front and side on. They will also examine your teeth and discuss with you what you are hoping to achieve with the procedure. They should explain the lip ratio, the anatomy of the lip and what can and cannot be achieved with your lips. Finally, they will explain the risks and benefits, allowing you time to make an informed choice.

Which PERFECTHA products do you use for lips?

Perfectha products are perfect for lip augmentations. Perfectha Derm gives a lovely natural look for first timers, those looking for a subtle natural look and/or for patients require definition to the lip border, philtrum column’s, bleed lines. While Perfectha Deep gives a lovely long lasting fuller pout. A combination of the two Perfectha’s is perfect for patients who requiring staged lip augmentations of 2mls or more using Deep for body and Derm for finer details around the lip which are importance in the look and support of the lip.

What are the risks involved?

Bruising and swelling can occur and are not abnormal reactions, however, your practitioner will advise you at consultation about the risks involved and more importantly, how they are managed both effectively in the clinic and at home. We educate our patients about the arteries and veins which run closely to the lip, particularly the top lip. We also advise our patients that in the unlikely event of an adverse event what the care management would be.

What makes a suitable candidate?

In my experience I find that if I ask all my patients to grade their lips on photographic scale of 1-5 I can manage their expectations more effectively. Only a full medical consultation can determine if you are suitable for this treatment.

How long does it last and what is the recovery time?

Due to the motility of the lip area we find that dermal fillers last around 6 months. However, some patients may find that it lasts longer.

If you are interested in having the PERFECTHA pout with Frances in Glasgow or Inverness then please call 01698 458954.

Awards for the Dream Team!



The Clinic is honoured and delighted that Frances Turner Traill won the prestigious Best Aesthetic/Cosmetic Practitioner Award at the recent Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards. This is another achievement for our highly skilled Clinic Director, and the whole team celebrated.

Pay as you glow

Piles of pound coins

Aesthetic Treatments: Pay As You Glow Packages

 When it comes to looking your best, maintaining your natural, beautiful glow is much the same as maintaining a car. And like a car, you don’t wait for the banging in the engine to start before consulting a mechanic. It’s why you pay maintenance and service fees. So when your engine does finally pack up, you blow a gasket on the motorway or a tree just happens to jump out in front of you (yet again), you know that all the hard work is already covered.

At Frances Turner Traill, we know just how important looking your best is to you. We also know that some aesthetic treatments can be costly. It’s why we’ve created a simple, cost-effective payment plan. Tiered to suit your needs and your budget, Pay As You Glow is a flexible maintenance plan designed to keep you looking your best. And like all great maintenance plans, it can be customised and tailored to suit your individual needs.

Simply book a consultation with one of our qualified aestheticians to discuss your treatment needs, create an affordable monthly standing order and Pay As You Glow. Because when it comes to looking and feeling your best, a little maintenance can go a long way to a more radiant you.


Bespoke  – save what you want to spread the cost of your treatments over the year.

To make the most of aesthetic treatments with our Pay As You Glow Packages, simply download our standing order form, action the standing order with online banking or send the completed form to your bank.

A full medical consultation is required before any treatment (Terms and Conditions apply).

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Aesthetic Treatments – Just For You.

Aesthetic Treatments, what are they and why are they our secret treasure? Keep reading, you’re about to find out. Aesthetic Treatments is the best non-surgical therapies to repair damaged skin, or simply renew it. Ageing is inevitable but the good news is that minimally invasive injectable treatments to tackle wrinkles and ageing skin are becoming more effective. So don’t feel shy about accepting a little help to turn back the clock.



Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure in which dead cells, on the outermost surface of the skin is partially or completely removed by light abrasion. The removal of the dead skin cells reveals the softer more youthful looking skin cells underneath. But why does this give immediate results? Well, this being one of our famous Aesthetic Treatments gives fantastic results. It smoothens and buffs the skin. It is great for fine lines as these tend to be dehydration lines, a problem which is clearly noticeable on damaged skin, but luckily a problem that with the right care, is so easily managed. It helps to unclog pores and release those dreaded teenage feeling blackheads.

It is an all year round treatment, though during the winter or particularly before travelling to hotter climates, it proves to have the best effects. Even if you are using good skincare at home, you can’t beat coming into clinic for a treatment and have the therapist do a thorough, caring treatment, taking time to cover the full area and all your personal, specific concerns.

Close up of girls red lips with blonde hair swept across them


Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (ACP) using electrolysis is one of our aesthetic treatments suitable for a wide diversity of skin blemishes that is and can be quickly and easily treated with immediate and effective results, offering an eventual blemish free smooth skin. As far back as the early 1900’s electrolysis was popular and becoming the go-to non-surgical aesthetic treatment. It is popular for the removal of skin tags, the managing of thread veins, cherry spots, and warts. With the use of a fine needle (millimetre thickness) and heat to cauterise the blood supply, it causes the veins to disappear. The probe used in the procedure is tiny, so the area being treated is localised – meaning there is no damage to the surrounding skin. It is a quick and precise procedure, with dramatically better results, which is why ACP has remained so popular over the decades.

Ladies eye that has been treated showing before and after

Hair Electrolysis

Hair Electrolysis is a method of removing individual hairs from the face or body. Today’s medical electrolysis devices destroy the growth center of the hair with chemical or heat energy. After a very fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle, the hair is removed with tweezers. With the removal of individual hairs, it a famous, Aesthetic Treatment that can be altered and productive to your specific needs. There is a small needle inserted into the follicle where then, heat is applied to kill off the blood supply that is at the root of the hair. It is renowned as a good finishing treatment to Laser or IPL hair reduction treatments where there are sparse hairs left to treat.

Lady with before and after photo's showing less wrinkles after treatment


The famous aesthetic treatment. The non-surgical treatment that, as well as results, provides a great muscle workout for the face. CACI works great in conjunction with our RF machine to tighten the skin as the muscle is lifting from underneath your skin. It gives a lasting result also, as it improves blood circulation and this gives long lasting, plumper, radiant skin. With no aftercare needed, this is a quick, effective treatment that paired with advanced skincare at home, can give the longest lasting results. Of all our aesthetic treatments, CACI is the quickest, best way to non-surgically rebuff the skin. At Frances Turner Traill, we have the experts, with the expert tools, who naturally, give the expert treatment.

The Perfect Eyebrows by Frances Turner Traill

botox, wrinkle reduction and dermal fillers

Your eyebrows are one of the most important assets of your face. They can instantly lift your features and take years off your image, so taking care of them is essential. With the risk of excessive tweezing potentially adding years to your face, we know this conundrum can only warrant the help of professionals. Don’t worry, we at Frances Turner Traill are here to help you get the perfect eyebrows.

The full natural healthy eyebrow seen on legendary sexy woman such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, highlight how the brow should have remained – simple, natural and full.  The pencil thin over plucked look was so difficult to maintain and unnatural to the contours of the eyes.


 Brow Envy

Welcome back the fuller natural brow but with that extremely groomed and polished look.  No, we do not want to look like Groucho Marx’s twin.  We want the natural fuller look.

Ask any professional make up artist and they will tell you, they spend as much time on eyebrows as they would on eye make-up nowadays. Raging trends of brow bars are proof that brows are here to make a statement.

The professional threading that leaves so many Middle Eastern women at the core of our “brow envy”, there is clearly something to be learnt here.  We love the look achieved by this method which is why it is included in our Beautiful Brows treatment; a seven step method of defining the brow area to create the illusion of a full brow whilst encouraging the natural brow to grow.

picture of girls face with captions promoting semi-permanent makeup

What Makes you Beautiful

Eyebrow threading gives the brows a beautiful, defined look that no other hair removal method can do, simply because it is such a precise technique.  The hairs do not have to be long in length to get threaded because the thread can remove the shortest of hairs, resulting in the ultimate defined look.

We want to enhance your shape, not take away the natural contour of your brow.  Why annoy mother nature?  Some people have been ‘tweezer happy’ over the years due to following fashion trends.

The most important part is the guidance and knowledge that one shape does not fit all.  It may take several visits to achieve the perfect brow for your face… follow our advice and stay away from the “tweezers”.  It will be worth it!

FTT knows best

We take great pride in offering a bespoke service and full consultation with guidance on a unique treatment for the ultimate well-groomed look. Full face threading, waxing, eyelash tinting, eyebrow tinting, make up advice, and semi permanent make up will further enhance your look and guarantee the perfect eyebrows. A full expert consultation will determine your needs and what would be suitable for you.

Book in for one at Frances Turner Traill now, and our results are so perfect, you would not believe your eyes-brows!

Exilis Skin Treatment – the Trick to Quick Success.

Exils fat reduction and skin tightening


Even I, the self-confessed biggest sceptic, could not believe my eyes seeing the results after just one session.  Seriously, no other device combines so well these two energies together, radio frequency and ultra sound waves, to give such an outstanding result. This exilis skin treatment is the revolutionary skin care procedure all the girls have been waiting for.

This machine performs by heating up the fat cells via a hand piece with a cooling tip which keeps you comfortable whilst heat penetrates deep up to 40-42 degrees at which point the cells are destructed and fat is released. Then the fat flows out to be eventually excreted out of the body.

Stop Girls, the Solution is here!

And the best part, with exilis skin treatment, when the cells we work on are completely destroyed (burst) those cells can never store fat in them again, hence less fat in the body. I know what you are thinking … how great is that?  A process called Apoptosis. Yes, Apoptosis. This is fast becoming my favourite word.  You can see evidence of this with white circular rings during treatment.

Does it hurt you ask?  No, not at all.  It is an intense heat for a very short time but not a single drop of pain as the cooling tip ensures a spa like comfort.  Actually, it has been said that it is a relaxing treatment to have done, and many find Exilis skin treatment it just as therapeutic as they do successful.  The ultra sound heat waves generated in the machine are pushed deep inside the cells to destroy the fat cells and the radio frequency is targeting the loose skin at the same time as well as stimulation of collagen fibres.  It such a versatile piece of equipment that you can alter the depth of which heat goes in and use it for both fat busting and tightening.  Score!

Woman examining wrinkles

The perfect way to get the 2016 body!

In one sitting you can get different areas of the body done and with no downtime at all.  A course of four treatments is booked with weekly intervals and all you have to do is lay down and relax.  After treatment, the effects are ongoing and by the third session you should notice some remarkable results. Even after your first treatment alone you will notice your skin feeling tighter and toned.

Now, you know those body parts which no matter how much you diet or exercise will just not budge? Before you start contemplating surgery as you look at the mirror, consider the options.  With surgery there’s the high cost, the operation itself and the risks you get with any surgery. Then there’s the downtime post-surgery and any possible side effects such as scarring, the pain and loose skin that may have to be treated with radio frequency.

At Frances Turner, our experts know best.

Compare this with Exilis Elite, the exilis skin treatment.  Less cost, no cuts or scars, absolutely no downtime, relaxing treatment and tightening of the loose skin at the very same time.  Where is the difficult decision? There isn’t one, it makes so much sense! Of course, as with any skin or fat related treatment, a sensible diet and light exercise would be recommended for optimum results.

This treatment will shape and tone the body parts without the need for needles, knives or downtime. This Exilis Elite has got recognition from the UK leading system for body contouring without the need for surgery.

Seriously, you have to try it to believe it. We at FTT did, and without a shadow of a doubt would jump at the chance of getting this exilis skin tightening treatment done again for all of the stubborn and sagging areas (too many to mention).  This really is the only machine that has proven me, the classic sceptic, totally wrong! So book it now and get the results you have been waiting for.



Free Aesthetic Consultation: It Pays To Talk

Close up of ladies lips and cheeks on either corner of the picture

If you are making your first foray into cosmetic aesthetics and skin treatments, we understand it can be a little overwhelming. Telling your collagen from your keratin isn’t always easy. So let us help you navigate the world of non-surgical cosmetic treatments with an aesthetic consultation with our award winning Clinical Director.

During a one-on-one aesthetic consultation, we will have the opportunity to assess your skin, listen to your needs and concerns, and develop a bespoke care package for you. Tailor made to help you realise your most radiant self, your package will consist of a new daily regime, as well as our recommendations for any potential non-surgical treatments.


Not only is your aesthetic consultation a chance for us to get in touch with what’s important to you, it’s also an opportunity for you to get in touch with all our latest promotions and special offers. And to help you on your journey to a revitalised and refreshed you, we will guide you through our Face Plan payment options.

An aesthetic consultation with a trained professional can cost up to £45. But as part of our commitment to cosmetics that go beyond the skin deep, we offer all new customers a free consultation to help change the way they see themselves.

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Christmas Gift Vouchers Available

Gift wrap with large red ribbon and gold stars

Christmas Gift Vouchers Available

 Take the stress out of gift buying with the Frances Turner Traill Skin Clinic gift vouchers, and available at our Clinics in Hamilton and Inverness. Gift wrapping available to save you even more stress!

Vouchers available from £10.

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Advanced Cosmetic Procedures: The Skinny on Skin Treatments

Attractive lady lying on her front looking up and smilingWaxing, shaving, plucking, bleaching and covering. There are easier ways to get rid of unwanted hair or unsightly blemishes. Advanced Cosmetic Procedures are safe, simple and completely satisfying procedures that remove unwanted hair and skin blemishes using an electrolysis machine. Electrolysis, as the name suggests, uses different types of electrical current to achieve long lasting results. But unlike the medieval shock therapy of yesteryear, Electrolysis is safe, simple and pain free.


Hair-raising Treatments

Equipment for advanced electrolysisJust like waxing, shaving or creaming, when it comes to removing hair permanently, there are different ways to go about it. As always, the right advanced cosmetic procedures depend on the best solution for your permanent hair removal needs … after a consultation with one of our Aestheticians of course.


  • Heat: thermolysis is an alternating current that uses a high frequency currency at a low voltage. When applied to the skin or hair follicle, it causes water molecules to vibrate and generate heat. This in turn prevents blood supply to the treated area, weakening and destroying the hair.
  • Chemical: galvanic is a more technical, scientific treatment. Using the salt and water molecules around the skin or hair follicle, this direct current creates a hair-removing chemical reaction. This Sodium Hydroxide, Lye, blocks all the vital hair-growing nourishment to cells, so that new hair growth cannot happen.
  • Blend: Combining the best of both worlds, the blend treatment uses a combination of thermolysis and galvanic electrolysis. Blend treatments are a more modern, commonly used way of treating unwanted hair and skin growths. It’s by far the quickest, comfiest and most effective treatment.


female face with wrinkles on her foreheadBlemishes Are Only Skin Deep

Sending currents of electricity surging through your skin cells is also a great way to treat skin blemishes. Using thermolysis, our advance cosmetics procedures treat a number of skin blemishes like:


  • Skin tags: small flesh/brown coloured growths that hang off the skin around the neck, eyelids, underarms and frictionable areas. They are completely harmless, very common and vary in shape and size.
  • Millia: small, hard keratin-filled lumps. Completely harmless, these tiny white cysts are often found around the eyes, nose, cheeks and chest.
  • Facial thread veins: a network of broken veins and capillaries commonly found on the cheeks, nose and more delicate areas. Completely harmless, they’re caused by a number of things, including stress, age or one too many raucous nights out.
  • Spider naevus: not to get too technical, but spider naevus is a form of telangiectasia (swollen blood vessels) that looks like the legs of a spider. Although one or two are completely harmless, more than three sider naevus could be a sign of other health problems. It’s why we recommend discussing treatment options with your GP or Aesthetician first.
  • Blood spots: bright red vascular blemishes that occur when small blood vessels under the skin leak into the surrounding tissues. As blood spots can indicate underlying health problems, we recommend coming in for a consultation before starting treatment.
  • Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra: a completely harmless skin lesion found around the cheeks, neck and upper chest of darker skin types.
  • Warts: unsightly skin growths that vary in size and shape. Warts are caused by a number of things, which is why it’s best to consult your GP or Aesthetician before starting treatment.
  • Moles: like warts, moles vary in shape, size and appearance. They can be completely harmless, or cause for serious concern. Which is why it’s important to track, monitor and treat moles carefully with your GP and Aesthetician.


Like all our advanced cosmetic procedures, our treatments for skin blemishes and permanent hair removal are effective and results are immediate. Some skin treatments require your GP’s permission, which is why it is important to book an appointment with your Aesthetician for a consultation first.

Turning Back the Clock with Non Surgical Facelifts

3 candles with stones balanced on top of each other and white fluffy towels

Ageing is an inevitable part of life. Crows feet. Sagging skin. Drooping eyes. Apart from the occasional OAP discount, there’s not much to look forward to. Gravity is against you, and non surgical facelifts that work are hard to come by. Which is why Frances Turner Traill’s Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument (CACI) treatment is quickly becoming the preferred alternative to going under the knife.


With a reputation for providing non-invasive, non surgical facelifts, CACI is nothing short of an anti-aging miracle treatment. Using a unique combination of specific waveforms and ultra low frequencies, it works with your body’s own bio-electrical field to stimulate muscle tone and tighten loose skin. It’s why all the celebrities love it. From Jennifer Aniston to Jennifer Lopez, it’s like an A-list workout for your face. And like any great workout, it helps re-educate and lift long-forgotten muscles that have drooped over time.

Woman in a yoga pose

But just like going to the gym, it takes a while to get the six-pack of your dreams. Whether you have a personal trainer or go it alone, there’s no one fix, one workout solution. To get the results you want, you need to be willing to put in the time. The same applies when it comes to your face. But instead of hours and hours at the gym, our machines do all the work for you. And once you get the results you want, it’s a lot easier to maintain.


CACI is painless and relaxing. And to make sure you get the best results imaginable, we combine CACI with our other skin tightening treatments for that non-surgical-facelift look you love. Once the muscles are lifted, it’s time to work on saggy skin. After your CACI treatment, head on straight over to the EXILIS Elite ­– a state-of-the-art radio frequency (RF) treatment and the unofficial gold standard for skin tightening. Helping you nip and tuck, the combined results are phenomenal.


There really is no need for surgery. There are so many people who come to us who were considering eye lid surgery (blepharoplasty) or traditional facelifts, but love the CACI results instead. Versatile, easy to do and even easier to maintain, this combination treatment complements injectable treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections and skin fillers as well. It’s the perfect solution for anybody wanting to recapture their youth without injectables or invasive treatments. Softening lines and wrinkles by stimulating the collagen in your skin, CACI’s non surgical facelifts help you look your best for less.



For the best non surgical facelifts around, we recommend a course of four treatments, a week or two apart. Although you’ll see results straight away, the treatment continues to develop and improve over time. It’s why we don’t recommend maintenance treatments within the first nine months of your initial treatment.