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Few things in life are certain. But no matter who you are, where you live or how rigorously you follow a carefully planned, well-thought-out beauty regime, we all face the dreaded fate of aging skin. As we age, our skin starts to lose elasticity. And like a badly stretched jumper, more often than not, this leads to sagging skin and wrinkles. It’s all part of life and a part of the aging process nobody looks forward to. Gone are the days of manis and pedis with the girls. Today, a pamper day is all about non-surgical, non-invasive nip and tuck face tightening treatments.


Ironing Out The Wrinkles

Collagen, keratin and elastin are the building blocks of smooth, beautiful, wrinkle-free skin. As we age, our bodies lose collagen at a rate of approximately 1% each year. But despite the slow decay of time, there are many other things in our day-to-day lives that can fast track the aging process. Stress, toxins, not to mention the natural elements, all have a part to play. It’s why face tightening has become such a sought-after treatment.


Giving Anti-aging Treatments A Face-lift

Woman examining wrinklesFrom facial masks and body creams, to radio frequency and more invasive surgical solutions, tightening treatments are endless. While there are many skin and face tightening treatments on the market, they all depend on the severity of the damage, the area you wish to treat and the budget you have available. It’s why we’re delighted to offer all our over 18 clients a new non-invasive, skin tightening treatment from the revolutionary, award-winning Exilis Elite. Available in our Glasgow clinic, this new treatment is suitable for all skin types, all ages and all areas of the body.


The Elixir Of Life

If you’re looking for a relaxing, painless face tightening treatment, the Exilis Elite ticks all the boxes. Using two wands of different sizes, the Exilis Elite can contour, tighten and tone the entire body – even those hard-to-reach places. The production of new collagen is stimulated by the precise radio frequency energy, which is very safe and effective. Other treatments include neck tightening, stomach tightening, fat reduction and body contouring.


Safe, Simple, Face Tightening Treatments

Like all face tightening treatments, you will be asked to remove all jewellery. A contact pad will then be placed on your back, while a generous amount of aqua gel is spread over the desired treatment area. For six and a half minutes, the Exilis Elite wands will move over the desired area working their magic. To ensure your complete comfort and relaxation, the treatment will automatically stop after 30 seconds. This will allow our highly trained beauty therapists to apply more Aqua gel if needed, and determine whether or not you need more of the Exilis magic. As the face is split into eight treatment areas, the length of the face tightening treatment will depend on the areas you choose to have treated. While most people choose to treat six facial areas at one time, we do offer bespoke face tightening plans to ensure you get the results you desire.


Women's body lying down with text saying the revolutionary skin tightening, fat reduction machineTo find out more about our face tightening treatments or speak to one of our Aestheticians, get in touch with Frances Turner Traill today.