Facial Symmetry – What side of your face looks better ?

Scientific research has shown that the left side of our faces is the most appealing because we show more emotion on that side.

Left Side

FTT - Facial Symmetry - Original.


FTT - Facial Symmetry - Left.

Right Side

FTT - Facial Symmetry - Right

Have you ever pondered while looking in the mirror as to what your “best” side. Research shows that your left side probably looks better as after studying many mirrored images the “left side of the face” has consistently been rated as more aesthetically pleasing for both men and women regardless of age and race,

Nobody has a perfectly symmetrical face however it been proven that a degree of facial symmetry is what people find aesthetically pleasing to look at, or in other words “beautiful”.

At FTT Skin clinics we have an extensive treatment portfolio which will improve a number of issues and help improve facial symmetry.