FTT talks lip augmentations – Frances Turner Traill is regarded as one of the most skilled and experienced medical aesthetic practitioners in the UK. She has over 25 years’ experience within the NHS, and is a leader in the specialty of Aesthetic Medicine for more than 10 years. Frances is passionate about aesthetics and the joy the results can yield. “It’s not about vanity, it’s about the confidence that our aesthetic treatments can give back”. Her skin clinics, in Glasgow and Inverness, offer a range of professional treatments including PERFECTHA dermal fillers. We caught up with Frances recently to get the low down on lip augmentations, this is what she had to say.


FTT talks lip augmentations  – Why have fuller lips become such a big trend?

In the last few years’ fuller lips have become a massive trend because many younger women look to social media images of celebrities like Kylie Jenner as the ideal image.

What should a patient expect from a practitioner and treatment?

You should always do your research and make sure the practitioner is on the NMC, GDC or GMC register to prove their medical qualifications.

The consultation

At the consultation you will be asked medical questions to ascertain if you are suitable for lip augmentation treatment. Questions you would expect to be asked are; if you have ever had a cold sore, if you have any current prescriptions and if you have any past medical history such as allergies or previous adverse reactions. Your practitioner will take photographs of you smiling, pouting and at rest front and side on. They will also examine your teeth and discuss with you what you are hoping to achieve with the procedure. They should explain the lip ratio, the anatomy of the lip and what can and cannot be achieved with your lips. Finally, they will explain the risks and benefits, allowing you time to make an informed choice.

Which PERFECTHA products do you use for lips?

Perfectha products are perfect for lip augmentations. Perfectha Derm gives a lovely natural look for first timers, those looking for a subtle natural look and/or for patients require definition to the lip border, philtrum column’s, bleed lines. While Perfectha Deep gives a lovely long lasting fuller pout. A combination of the two Perfectha’s is perfect for patients who requiring staged lip augmentations of 2mls or more using Deep for body and Derm for finer details around the lip which are importance in the look and support of the lip.

What are the risks involved?

Bruising and swelling can occur and are not abnormal reactions, however, your practitioner will advise you at consultation about the risks involved and more importantly, how they are managed both effectively in the clinic and at home. We educate our patients about the arteries and veins which run closely to the lip, particularly the top lip. We also advise our patients that in the unlikely event of an adverse event what the care management would be.

What makes a suitable candidate?

In my experience I find that if I ask all my patients to grade their lips on photographic scale of 1-5 I can manage their expectations more effectively. Only a full medical consultation can determine if you are suitable for this treatment.

How long does it last and what is the recovery time?

Due to the motility of the lip area we find that dermal fillers last around 6 months. However, some patients may find that it lasts longer.

If you are interested in having the PERFECTHA pout with Frances in Glasgow or Inverness then please call 01698 458954.