How have you all been this week?  It’s not easy is it? I find myself trying so hard to be as upbeat as possible, trying not to cast shade on those I speak to during the week, usually in the park walking Lulu our dog.  I find myself hoping to see someone I know every day and not to worry if I don’t know you, I will greet everybody I see now.  Are you chattier with strangers now?  I am really craving social, fun, spontaneous, interactions preferably involving a group of friends, music, banter and a bit of dancing thrown in for good measure. Parties? Remember them?  I confess to finding myself having a party for one, dancing in front of the telly of a Saturday night.  My son said, “You are so Gaff Hungry mum”. That did make me laugh.  That’s apparently west coast Scotland urban slang for “desperate for a party in someone’s house”. You’re so right son aka manchild aka big handsome. More on him later.

This week we also celebrated our middle daughter, aka mature beyond her years and avid Stevie Nicks devotee, 18th birthday in house.  I am relieved to report it was a resounding success.  She was delighted with her afternoon tea in the kitchen, in house movie bonanza in the living room finished off by her self-penned family quiz “How well do you know me”.  Thankfully, I managed a very respectable second place on the scoreboard.  Phew.

Big handsome is 19 and has been home from his university Halls of Residence since early December.  His coming home to our Covid jail has mixed up household dynamics up a tad, especially with his voracious appetite for broadband gigabytes.  I find myself in the middle of a Live Instagram struggling to get connection with a “whoops sorry, I forgot, never mind eh”?

This has challenged the patience of his already short of patience younger teenage siblings who are both self-home schooling and demanding their fair share of the broadband gigabytes.  Hopefully, Monday brings a rescue mission from our broadband provider after another plea for upgrade which seemed to fall on listening ears at last. We are the only house in our street without access to “SuperFast” broadband. First world problems I know but I have found myself using diplomatic skills akin to Kofi Annan’s (Secretary General of the United Nations), holding peace talks in the living room with big handsome whilst simultaneously negotiating a cease fire with daughters in the kitchen and discussing terms of amnesties and reconciliation.  I think I’ll hold off the gigabyte hungry Insta Lives until Mr Broadband delivers so apologies for the quality, but the chat was good as ever with Susie Cormack Bruce on IGTV.

In other news, I have started the Dimagra Keto diet to junk some of the chunk that I have acquired since pre-Christmas.  I always do quite a bit of research first with new products then try them out first before I introduce them to our clinics. So far so good.  7lbs in 7 days.  I’m not so fixated about weight to be honest its more about getting rid of the visceral fat around the midriff that seems to like hanging around no matter what I do.  The first couple of days were a bit headachey other than that quite easy.  I’ll keep you posted as I progress.

Another new product to clinic is Re-Collagen a daily collagen supplement. We’ve had different collagen supplements in the past in clinic and this one is next generation.  Gluten free and vegan friendly it tastes just fine, comes in wee handy travel 12 ml sachets (oh the irony) which can be taken on their own or added to water each morning and is delivered direct to your door.  I’m holding on to that collagen for as long as I can and make it as strong as I can from the inside out as well as from the outside in.

Have a great week ahead whatever you’re up to. Stay safe and warm.  All the best from my home to yours.

Frances and team xx

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