FTT Skin Clinics – Needle Free Filler Results.




This lady in the video was treated 12 hours previously by a beauty therapist with potentially disastrous results. Both the therapist and the patient knew something had gone badly wrong, “it felt like a golf ball had been shot into my lip”, “the pain was excruciating” and “I knew she had no clue what to do”.

The lady presented to A&E after phoning up NHS24, because, as a nurse, she knew something was seriously wrong. She was told it was a bruise in A&E.

12 hours after her “needle free filler” treatment, her lip and surrounding area had no feeling, was massively swollen, and she couldn’t feel her gums and she could see discoloration tracking up her nose. She knew this was a bad situation and that it wasn’t a bruise.

This lady has had emergency treatment at FTT Skin Clinics with a successful outcome after 8 hours of intensive care.  This lady was “lucky”, she could have lost her sight. This lady was “lucky” because she knew something was very wrong and took action to find us.

We know what to do in an aesthetic emergency.  Frances Turner Traill of FTT Skin Clinics is one of the Experts of the Expert Consensus Group for AESTHETICS COMPLICATIONS EXPERTS – ACE.

Please do not get this treatment done.  It’s just not worth the risk. Some points to consider…..

  1. If you are considering having dermal filler, why not consider a SAVE FACE and Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) regulated clinic with a registered prescribing nurse, dentist or doctor (NMC, GDC, GMC)?
  2. How is a shot fired under pressure “safer” than a controlled depth injection with needle with aspiration or cannula by a prescribing nurse, dentist or doctor?
  3. What clinical evidence is there that it is safer?
  4. What happens if it goes wrong (what clinical pathways are in place)?
  5. What clinical papers have been published to prove the efficacy and safety of this procedure?
  6. Who is delivering the treatment?
  7. How does the pen work?
  8. Is it a sterile procedure?
  9. What training is undertaken?
  10. What is the volume of each shot fired, and at what depth?
  11. How does the operator control the depth of each shot?
  12. How much pressure is used to fire each shot?