Sculptra Benefits and Obagi Masterclass, Exciting Updates from FTT Clinics

Experience a week of excitement at FTT Clinics! Welcoming talented interns from Glasgow University, exploring the wonders of Sculptra benefits, and delving into an exclusive Obagi Masterclass with Mary Keltai. Plus, a heartfelt congratulations to Nurse Paula for acing her prescribing exam! Stay informed with our weekly updates, and book your Sculptra treatment today for a journey to youthful, radiant skin.

First up – we have some new faces in the Clinic

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome 3 students from Glasgow University to our intern programme. They are studying a combination of Business Management, Economics and Social Media Marketing and bring a wealth of knowledge to the clinic.
Veysel, Augura and Sol will be with us for the next few months working on some very exciting social media and marketing projects…keep your eyes pealed for this.
They have been a fantastic addition to the team so far and we cannot wait to see the exciting ideas that they come up with.

FTT Intern Programme - Glasgow University-VeyselFTT Intern Programme - Glasgow University-AuguraFTT Intern Programme - Glasgow University-Sol


Sculptra – All You Need to Know

Curious about Sculptra benefits? It’s an injectable that naturally stimulates collagen production, making skin thicker and plumper for up to 24 months. Learn how it revolumizes, lifts, and improves skin quality. Discover why replacing collagen is essential to prevent wrinkles. Remember, Sculptra isn’t a filler; it’s a collagen stimulator.

What is Sculptra?

An injectable which naturally stimulates the body to produce collagen. It makes skin thicker and plumper and lasts for as long as 24 months.

What are the main benefits to Sculptra?

It revolumizes, lifts, and improves skin quality.

Why should we replace collagen?

Collagen makes the skin bouncy and youthful and therefore prevents wrinkles. We lose 50% of collagen by age 50, replacing it is essential to look younger for longer.

Is it a filler?

No, Sculptra is a collagen stimulator and it relies on your body to work.

To book, just click here.

Sculptra Treatment - FTT Skin Clinics

Obagi Masterclass 

We had the pleasure of welcoming Mary Keltai BSc (Hons) MPS PIP for a bespoke training session. Joining us for a 5-hour presentation, Mary and Jo from Obagi expanded our knowledge on current products and introduced some exciting new ones. We expanded our wealth of knowledge on all of the current Obagi products that we use and sell in the clinic.
Remember we have a fabulous new way of ordering and tracking all of your Obagi products in one place now. To register with Clever patient portal just click here.

Obagi Masterclass Training Session-1Obagi Masterclass Training Session-2Obagi Masterclass Training Session-3


Last but certainly not least…

We want to congratulate our lovely Nurse Paula. She has passed her prescribing exam and we could not be more proud of the hard work and dedication she has displayed throughout these last few months whilst studying.

Nurse Paula - Prescribing Exam Success