Still pure loving myself …..

Last night I popped on a new profile pic last night at #shaba19.



FTT Still Pure Loving Myself


Still Pure Loving Myself

Still Pure Loving Myself – Turns out it was almost a year ago since I was last updated my profile pic in 2018. So I thought I’d dare to compare my 2017 profile photo.

I was quite taken aback, shocked almost, at the difference. I totally put my hands up, these are not clinical, like for like photos but neither are they filtered or photo-shopped.

2017 was a truly hellish year. I almost died after 2 massive strokes and a takotsubo cardiomyopathy. I survived and made changes ❤️

What really struck me from the 2017 photo was how much better I am now in 2019, not just how I look but how I feel physically and mentally.  Some self love is a good thing, I feel. If it makes you feel good, happier in your own skin & look good then why not. Life’s hard enough at times.  Thank you for all the lovely positive messages and comments and questions.  I thought I’d answer questions here.

I honestly don’t spend anymore time on my face than any average working mum. Ask my family. I’m up and out in 30 mins, hair and makeup!!!  What I do use everyday on my skin is highly effective and fast.

I’ve had Silhouette Soft thread lift earlier this year,  also some Profhilo in my face and neck, some HIFU in lower face, some Exilis Ultra around eyes – There are some benefits of having your own clinic.

I do love  a monthly bespoke FTT facial every 3 months.

Thank you Sharon for taking the photo and your expert makeup.

That’s me – Still Pure Loving Myself!!!