FTT Skin Clinics Update

FTT Skin Clinics Update 2 April 2023

Last weekend I presented at the Scottish Aesthetics Conference about my experience of integrating Nucevia, a new Neuromodulator or toxin, muscle relaxing injectable to FTT Skin Clinics. It was well received even though I was a tad nervous talking in front of 200 Dentists, Doctors, Surgeons, and Nurses from throughout Scotland.  It was great to reconnect with some friends and inspirations in the industry, as well as meeting many new faces in the Medical Aesthetics space. Everyday is a school day with opportunities to learn, connect, network, feel inspired and of course have a bit of fun with other medics. Over the last few months we have been working very closely with EVOLUS who distribute Nucevia and our expert Anti-Wrinkle Treatment team at FTT to bring you the latest treatments at the forefront of the aesthetics space. Many of us still think about Anti-Wrinkle treatments for your '3 main areas' of the upper face.  Not any longer, we are now treating whole face and neck with Toxins with incredible results.  Watch out on our social media channels this month for our before and afters. Speak to our expert practitioner's in clinic to find out more on how to integrate expert Toxin into your treatment plan.

Speaking on exciting things at Scottish Aesthetics Conference 2023

Polynucleotides, the treatment of 2023 has arrived....
Working in the Medical Aesthetics Space, one thing we will tell you is how fast this industry moves! For the last few years, Profhilo the injectable moisturiser as its known has been an international phenomena. We have lusted over it's HA properties giving us that extra bounce and glow our skin has most definitely needed! However 2023, has something else in store for us. There's a new kid on the block and its Polynucleotides!!  Aesthetic medicine has gone all Regenerative Medicine and we are here for that!  Polynucleotides are biostimulators that kick start the skin's regeneration process from collagen reproduction to your skin's elastin. As well as providing hydration, Polynucleotides are like food, fuel and medicine for cells to get them kick starting their regeneration process.  As well as targeting Fibroblasts, Polynucleotides also create them too. Targeting the Face, Under Eyes, Neck and Decolletage, this new treatment is definitely not one to sleep on. We are very excited to now be offering this treatment in both our FTT Skin Clinics, which you can now book in for. Head to our booking system to book your complimentary consultation for Polynucleotides and give your skin that bounce it's been craving!  We are so keen for you to learn about it we haven't yet got it on our website but will have very soon.

And in other news we have not 1 but 2 new injectors at FTT Skin Clinics.  In Inverness we have Ms Ilka Friedrichs who is a Consultant ENT Surgeon at Raigmore Hospital.  Her injectable treatments include Non Surgical Rhinoplasty, Tear Troughs as well as all other dermal fillers.  She also provides all Toxin treatments as well as Sculptra the biostimulator which is having a huge resurgence in demand now.  She will have clinics on Wednesdays and Saturdays in Inverness.

We also have Dr. Amy Piper a GP in Bothwell joining the Hamilton clinic from 18 April Clinic on  Tuesday 10:00 - 14:00 Wednesday 18:30 - 20:00 Saturday 0900 - 15:00. Her treatments will Toxins treaments, dermal fillers.  She also has a special interest in menopause & women’s health.  We are so thrilled to have Ilka and Amy join our team of injectors.  Please get in touch to book your appointments with them.

Have a good week ahead and as always please do join us on InstagramFacebook and TikTok for updates throughout the week.

FTT Skin Clinics Update

FTT Skin Clinics Update 26 March 2023

The last week has been filled with celebrations winning best clinic in Scotland at the Aesthetics Awards, however it didn't stop there for FTT this week. Congratulations to Nurse Paula who has received her unconditional offer for Queen Margaret University to achieve her Nurse Prescribers qualification! Both myself and Nurse Gillian will be mentoring Nurse Paula over the 6 month period whilst undergoing her advanced qualification. Over the last two years, post Nursing degree, Nurse Paula has committed herself to a number of expert trainings including Advanced Anti-Wrinkle injections and Dermal Filler , as well as carrying out expert treatments in our Hamilton HQ on Tuesday's and Thursday's. With already a deep understanding and knowledge of the medical aesthetics space, we only know Nurse Paula will continue to exceed and advance her knowledge and treatments going forward with this new chapter. If you are interested to meet and book in with Nurse Paula, head to our booking system here. Many congratulations Paula, you've got this!

Congratulations Nurse Paula

Throughout my time in the medical Aesthetics space, I frequently get asked by people when would be the best time to start looking into treatments and giving their skin that extra care. If you've just turned 30 this year and are starting to think about some potential treatments as well as upping your skincare, here's where to start! A, is for Vitamin A so reach for the Retiniods. If there's one product to advance your regime with, it's this. Take a look here at some of our best Vitamin A products at FTT. Care for your Collagen! Yes, at the age of 25 collagen production takes a lower gear so let's store and reproduce with some amazing treatments such as RF Microneedling or Ellanse. And yes at the age of 30 we would recommend considering expert Anti-Wrinkle Injections for any lines starting to appear across the forehead. Everybody has different desires and wants when it comes to tweakments. Whether you're starting a treatment plan for the first time or looking to advance it, at FTT our experts are here to help, guide and support. Give us a call or email to find out more.Where should I start in my 30's?
We are hiring at our Hamilton HQ! Our team and clients is continuously expanding at both FTT Clinics. To support this we are looking for a new Clinical Assistant to support our providers and patients in clinic. With clinical assisting experience such as a Dental Nursing, this may indeed be the position for you. If you're interested in applying for our new position please email your CV over to enquiries@francesturnertraill.co.uk and our team will get back to you. Good luck!We Are Hiring!

Yesterday I was invited by EVOLUS to speak at the Scottish Aesthetics conference, next week I will fill you in on how our day went in Glasgow City Centre. In the meantime take care readers and remember to change those clocks, tomorrow we are officially into Spring!More on yesterday next week!

Have a good week ahead and as always please do join us on InstagramFacebook and TikTok for updates throughout the week.

I hope you all remembered to put your clocks forward an hour which means spring is officially here! Woo hoo!

FTT Skin Clinics Update

FTT Skin Clinics Update 19 March 2023

And it's Mother's Day!  I hope you all had a lovely day today wherever you were.  We climbed up Arthur's seat in Edinburgh.  I've wanted to climb up there for ages but never got round to it.  It was brilliant. Well worth the effort. Then to Ka Pao and a cheeky cocktail at The Alchemist both in St James Quarter. A grand day out.So many times I get told, I'm a bit frightened about injectables, about it going wrong and looking fake as often portrayed in the media.  I want to reassure you the media rarely show the good it's always bad news sells.  As you'll know, the UK aesthetics market is unregulated, in that anyone can inject.  That said all registered medical providers, nurses, dentists and doctors must work from a HIS regulated clinic.  Clinics like FTT SKIN CLINICS are stringently regulated to the same level as an NHS hospital.  I personally think it's a good thing.  I only wish the government would regulate the unregistered non medics.  Latest news is that there is a BILL prepared in the wings bidding for time to be read at Scottish Parliament.  Onwards and upwards.

My team and I have developed a specialised facial treatment which which enhances your skin to give off a glow that should belong on the red carpet, using our cutting edge tech and dermal filler but without the injections!!
Our New Phenomenal Facial (£250) is the best choice for our patients who could have a phobia's for needles or want a super surge in skin health for final preparations before any event to achieve your best look. The procedure tones, lifts and creases the skin by regenerating collagen and elastin whilst using a light dermal filler (not injected!) that utilises the most recent plasma technology. This procedure is also used to treat acne and rosacea as it lowers your sebum production, inflammation in the skin and bacterial sterilisation. It also further reduces pigmentation and melasma.  It's great deal given that you are having 1 syringe rrp £300 plus all the excellent treatment modalities too.
Click to book in PHENOMENAL FACIAL with Gillian and Nikki in Inverness and Natalie and Marie in Hamilton.
Body Sculpt build muscle and burn fat
March, not January is when people start to think about loosing weight as they can see Spring is just around the corner and want to dump the junk in the trunk!
With Summer just around the corner many people visualise themselves with what is known as a Summer Body, using our Body Sculpting programme can bring you one step closer to achieving your goal! Our state-of-the-art Body sculpting programme, Bodysculpt, was designed specifically to burn fat whilst at the same time constructing muscle tissue.  This device is only available in our Hamilton clinic, sorry.
Targeting the Bodysculpt build muscle and burn fat procedure primarily to add muscle, primarily to lose fat, or a combination of the two.

Bypassing both the constraints of the brain and the muscles, Bodysculpt successfully contracts the muscles in the treatment area at higher intensities than would be possible during a typical workout.
FTT offers the following Body sculpt Build Muscle and Burn Fat procedures:

Abdomen, Buttocks, Thighs, Biceps , Triceps, Hips and Shoulders.

We can also speed up results by combining our body-sculpting procedures with the DIMAGRA weight loss programme, which will make you feel and look better.

Contact us right away to talk about your worries and start your body-contouring adventure with FTT.

Have a good week ahead and as always please do join us on InstagramFacebook and TikTok for updates throughout the week.

FTT Skin Clinics Update

FTT Skin Clinics Update 14 March 2023


Hello John,
So sorry we're late this week but we have a very good excuse!! We only won Best Aesthetic Clinic Scotland!!  The Aesthetic Awards was held in London at the Grosvenor Hotel, Park Lane, London on Saturday night.  It was an incredible experience I'll never forget. 1000 people in attendance and I was joined by my son Gabriel as we had a clash of events as our daughter Annie was having a 19th house birthday party and there was no way that was happening unsupervised.  Check out our Instagram and Facebook for all the highlights and the acceptance video!!  Let's just say I was joyously happy :)  We are heading out for dinner and drinks with the whole team very soon to celebrate as a team.  We have been inundated with messages, flowers, calls congratulating us.  We really do appreciate it all.  Thank you to everyone for making this happen.  This is like the Oscars and is a very rigorous judging process. Congratulations to all the winners, highly commended and commended as well as all the finalists. Dermal Clinic Edinburgh were commended and Clinetix Glasgow were highly commended.  Congratulations to them both.

Before I headed down to London I was up in Inverness for 4 days. Thank you all my beautiful patients up in Inverness,  I love Inverness.  It's where I was born and we have a lot of friends up there so its always good to catch up with them when we are up.  If you have any recommendations for great places to eat out, please let us know as we love to try new places and support local businesses.  This time we went to RiverHouse in Inverness which is so so good.  Lots of fish on the menu which I love.  John not so much, but the steak is to die for so he's happy.  If you get a table I totally recommend the pavlova for pudding.  It's legendary.  Another restaurant we love is Aspendos in the city centre too.  We both love Turkish food and it's a work of art.  On Sunday's, the Castle Tavern does am enormous roast dinner.  Very tasty.  I'll be back up for our Inverness Clinic in April, and we have Lynne and the return of Gillian this month from maternity leave for all injectables, skin care and devices as well as the return of Nikki from sick leave for skin care treatments.  Just simply click the link for our booking system here.

In other news this week, FTT Skin Clinics is now on the official Tweakments Guide site! Trusted advice on cosmetic treatments, the Tweakments Guide is an interactive online resource filled with advice, guidance on all things skin concerns and the treatments available to you across the country. This guide is designed for people both thinking about their first time treatment and don't know where to start, or those who want to expand their treatment plans to optimise their results. We recommend the Tweakment's Guide for patients who know their area of concern however may not know what treatments are best for desired results. For some light reading filled with amazing information take a read of Alice Hart Davies amazing articles and get up to scratch with the latest treatments and products, all available at FTT Skin Clinics. Alice kindly asked me to contribute my comments on Viscoderm for Elle magazine which I'll be sure to let you know when that's been published.

Now live on Tweakment's Guide!

Enjoy a great rest of your week and I'll catch up with you again on Sunday.  Go have a peek at InstagramFacebook and TikTok I promise it will make you smile.  Take care everyone.

FTT Skin Clinics Update

FTT Skin Clinics Update 24 April 2022

This week we welcome back Dr Joanna and Nurse Paula who are back in our Hamilton clinic after a couple of weeks off for Easter! Our full team sheet started back treating this week after their Easter weekend of a lot of fun. Our two advanced practitioners have an exciting month ahead filled with new treatment training as well as advancing current treatment skills. If you are booked in with us in the upcoming weeks please note our Car Parking directly out the front of the clinic is open to all, now with both sides of the car park open.

This week Frances was honored to have been featured in The Insider Magazine. Frances has been featured as one of the top 20 Most Inspiring Woman in Scotland, Wow!  Featuring up with some amazing woman across the country in a variety of industries, the article highlights Frances journey within the Medical Aesthetics industry as well as how she runs her own growing business. You can read the full article by heading to The Insider here. You go girl!

The Insider - Top 20 Most Inspiring Woman in Scotland 

Meet Advanced Aesthetic Doctor - Dr Joanna
This week we get to know Dr Joanna a little better! Dr Jo as we love to call her is an advanced aesthetic injector with a Masters Degree in Medical Aesthetics. One of the very few in Scotland who have obtained the qualification. Her background began in Dentistry having studied to be a dental surgeon at Warsaw University! So, you're looking for treatment? Just check out Joanna's locker! Her aesthetic speciality includes all advanced toxin injections: TMJ, Massetter, Facial Slimming, Gummy Smile, Teeth Grinding, Nefertiti Face Lift, Nasal Flaring, Pebble Stone Chin, Downward Smile, Palsy correction and so much more! Now that's just toxin, not to mention being highly trained and skilled at HA Dermal Filler Treatments and Ellanse. As well as being a highly credited expert in treatments, our advanced aesthetics injector loves to treat herself! What we like to call the FFR - Full Face Rejuvenation combining HA Dermal Fillers and Toxin. Not too mention is you're looking for anything health and wellness related, she will have the recipe for you. Her favourite Macha Tea as well as winding down to Moon Salutation Routine. If you would like to book in for any of the above listed treatments with Dr Jo, head to our booking system here. She might even let you in on her magic go to juice for that glowing skin!

New Treatment to FTT Skin Clinics
Plasma Hair Rejuvenation now available at FTT Skin Clinics - Using a combination of Plasma Shower, Calecium and Microneedling our Hair Rejuvenation Treatment is designed to target hair loss found both in Male and Female patients. Over the course of the pandemic as well as post covid, many hairdressers and clinical practitioners have seen a rise in patients experiencing new loss of hair. Unfortunately research is still under way into relating the two together. What we do know is hair loss is a common concern which has and can effect people for a variety of reasons those including: Stress, underlying health concerns, imbalance of Vitamin D, Follate & Iron as well as irritation from use of certain hair products. By using these three effective treatments in clinic, our Nurses and practitioners will rejuvenate and renew the loss of hair in effected areas. If you may be concerned you are losing or shedding more hair than normal, book your consultation with either of our Advanced Aesthetician's Anna, Natalie or Paulina now. You can find their availability by heading the our booking system here.
Plasma Hair Rejuvenation 

Next week we head into the last week in April, wrapping up Rosacea Awareness Month. Over the past month we have showcased some of our top Rosacea cases studies, bringing you the last case study tomorrow on our social media handles. We have loved having you involved with raising awareness on this matter, answering all your questions on the topic as well as hearing your concerns from experiencing symptoms. Next month we continue to to raise awareness on the next topic of the month which you will hear from us shortly. To continue to learn more on Rosacea as well as passing onto your friends and family, visit to our page on the skin concern by visiting here.
Rosacea Case Study Marie

Why not try our FTT Skin C10 Vitamin C Serum? Our advanced signature C-10 serum uses scientific and evidence based formulas, offering daily antioxidant protection. Shop Now here!

We'll be back with you all again next week on Sunday 1st May! Who has their Summer holiday booked!? Take Care Frances & Team xxx

FTT Skin Clinics Update

FTT Skin Clinics Update 17 April 2022

Happy Easter Sunday readers! We are enjoying the final day of our Easter weekend break before we head back to our full 6 day clinic as of tomorrow Monday 18th! This weekend our staff have enjoyed a variety of Easter celebrations from Easter Egg Hunts, family gatherings and maybe a late one tonight.. Today you can head to our socials to see a great post on how to be mindful of your chocolate intake this Easter! Let's be honest, it's hard to avoid the abundance of Easters Eggs this weekend and we certainly don't blame you. We've listed some top tips on how to swap for a healthier option this Easter as well as letting you know how our good old friend Cadbury's can effect your skin and aging process. Read here to find out further!

Happy Easter Sunday from Team FTT 

A gift from us to you this Sunday, we'll let you in on a special one Ellanse! Last week we mentioned the treatment and why this might be the best treatment option for you this Summer. So why not give you an amazing case study to do all the talking! Ellanse, is an amazing alternative to HA Filler. Unlike HA Filler which primary use is to fill areas of lost volume, Ellanse as well as restoring volume is a collagen reproduction. Once the treatment has been carried out, immediate results will show like Kirsty's treatment below. But really it's after when the filler gets to work reproducing that baby bounce collagen. In 12 weeks your natural collagen will be restored which can last up to over a year depending on patient, this is when you will see your real natural, authentic results.

Kirsty's Ellanse Results

Kirsty at 27 was starting to notice the first signs of aging with loss of volume around the Cheek and Nasolabial area. Ellanse will not only restore the lost volume but rejuvenate the skin giving her an all round refreshed, younger appearance. Most of our patients who receive Ellanse treatment are 40+ - We wanted to demonstrate why Ellanse is great treatment for a variety of age groups. Next week we being you a further Ellanse Case Study on our beautiful patient of 45. If you are interested in discussing Ellanse Treatment with one of our Nurses, book your initial treatment consultation with us by heading to our website here.

Hot topic of the week which was on everyone's reading list! Congratulations to Brooklyn & Nicola Beckham on their beautiful day, hosted by Vogue! We were spoilt for choice looking over all the amazing images from the day. From the venue to the guests to the beautiful outfits dressed and styled by the Queen herself posh spice. But there was one thing us all at FTT wanted to know.. How and what did Nicola prep her skin for the amazing day. Well we did the snooping and we delivered. In preparation for the Wedding of the year, Nicola's facialist Lena Bratschi's mission was to ensure that Nicola had the best canvas for her Make Up Artist to work with on the biggest day of her life! Bratschi's mission was to ''restore her natural and rebalanced skin to it's perfect best.''

How can you achieve Nicola's look?

In the days prior to the Wedding Nicola has facials and treatments including LED therapy to help build collagen and balance the skin. Plus oxygen infusion to hydrate and nourish, and cryogenic stem cells to promote healthy cell regeneration. She also had lymphatic drainage massages and facial muscle stimulation to ease out any tension or anxiety in lead up to her special day. On the day Bratschi focused on facial sculpting and hydration, the perfect pre make up prep. Are you a bride-to-be? Do you work in the public eye, or just generally want to look and feel good? Here at FTT Skin Clinics we work closely with our resident multi-award winning Make Up Artist Sharon Cuthbert who has worked on some of the most amazing weddings in Scotland. Together we can help you create that perfect canvas for special day with a little bit of extra magic. If you have that special event coming up and not sure on how to begin your skin's preparation, email us at enquiries@francesturnertraill.co.uk to book in your initial skin consultation.

Why not try our FTT Skin C10 Vitamin C Serum? Our advanced signature C-10 serum uses scientific and evidence based formulas, offering daily antioxidant protection. Shop Now here!

Next week we begin and prep for the next upcoming Summer months at FTT with exciting preparations already in place! Summer we look forward to seeing you soon! Frances & Team xxx

FTT Skin Clinics Update

FTT Skin Clinics Update 10 April 2022

Happy Easter Holidays  readers! This week we welcome a big warm welcome back to our clinic coordinator Megan! Megan has been off on maternity leave for the last 9 months after giving birth to her beautiful son Sebastian back in July. Megan like before will be here in our Hamilton clinic Wednesday and Thursdays assisting you during your appointments as well as taking you through your full patient journey in clinic and, here to answer any of your enquiries. Welcome back Megan, it's amazing to have you back! This week also marks exactly a year from when we opened back up after the pandemic in April 2021. This time last year we were making preparations for opening back up, after what had been a difficult time for business's and families across the country. With minor disruptions over the last 12 months, we have made it through back to normality! We head into this Summer bringing you new treatments and products to celebrate those long awaited Summer Holidays.
Welcome Back Megan!

We were so thrilled to have you all join us last week for Frances's Live on Rosacea Awareness Month! Frances took to Instagram last Wednesday evening to discuss the skin concern and why so often it goes misdiagnosed. With tips on how to spot the concern, why it differs from bacterial acne, to how we can treat the concern in clinic. Frances live recording in now on our socials for you to watch back if you are concerned you may suffer from Rosacea. Over the next month we will be bringing you our top FTT Rosacea Case Study's from clinic, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up this month with Rosacea Awareness month and ask our experts if you think you may suffer from the skin concern.
Rosacea Awareness Month
We want to remind you of our opening days over the Easter period! Not to worry beautiful clients we will be open during the Easter period with a couple of changes. We still have availability in both clinics Hamilton and Inverness over the  April period to get you booked in for your favourite treatments. Call or email us now to secure you Easter bookings.
Easter Opening Days

We end the newsletter this week with some amazing news, Wedding Make Up Artist Sharon Cuthbert has only gone and won this years Scottish Confetti Wedding Awards! Congratulations Sharon, we are so thrilled for you to win this award and deserve all the recognition for your beautiful work. Sharon is our resident make up artist at FTT Skin Clinics Hamilton in our clinic 2/3 days a week for bridal trails and all your pre party glowy glam. Sharon also did the make up for our beautiful FTT skin photoshoot on models Amber & Kirsty, have a look at our amazing campaign when you're next in our clinics. Congrats Sharon, we hope you certainly had a few to celebrate!
Congratulations Sharon!

Next week we are going to let you know about the popular dermal filler treatment Ellanse bringing you some amazing case studies from the magical treatment. In the meantime readers take care sip up! Frances & Team xxx

FTT Skin Clinics

FTT Skin Clinics Update 4 April 2022

Happy first week of April readers! An exciting week at FTT not to mention this years Oscars chaos.. Regardless of a bit of snow which was scheduled this week up in the highlands, we're happy to finally see the soon to come warmer mornings and nights. We look forward to the Easter Break with a slight alternative availability for the next two weeks. Our Hamilton HQ clinic will be closed on Tuesday 5th, Friday 8th, Tuesday 12th & Friday 15th of April. We remain open on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays during this 2 week period and our usual opening times will recommence the week of the 17th of April. Summer is quickly approaching and we look forward to seeing you in clinic for your pre Summer glow up! May is one of our busiest periods at both clinics, our clinics will be open 6 days of the week to have you all in for your Summer approaching appointments. To make sure you secure your appointment head to our online booking diary here!
Easter Break Clinic Holiday Dates

This month of April we celebrate Rosacea awareness month, to educate the public on the impact of this chronic and widespread skin concern which often goes undiagnosed. Rosacea and Acne Rosacea often goes misdiagnosed or mistaken for one or the other! Here at FTT we see and treat many patients who are now educated on the skin concern and follow the right skincare journey to control and manage their condition. This week Nurse Frances went live on Instagram to answer all your questions on the skin concern as-well as showing you how to spot the symptoms of Rosacea. If you didn't know what Rosacea is, you certainly do now. Over the next month on our socials we will be show casing just a bunch of our patient case studies and letting you know how they achieved their results with FTT Skin & in more severe cases our FTT prescription service. We would love to hear from you! If you may be concerned that you suffer from the skin concern or have followed our Rosacea Skin Ritual, be in touch with us by emailing us at enquiries@francesturnertraill.co.uk - Stay tuned on our social and website for further information on Rosacea Awareness Month.Rosacea Awareness Month

Last week we let you know we were heading up to the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond to the newly restored Cameron House. Not for a game of golf or lunch, but to join CMA Collaborative for their Clarius Ultrasound Event! A learning event hosted on the Saturday for Medical Practitioners across the country to learn a deeper understanding for using Ultrasound in Medical Aesthetics. We have been using ultrasound in FTT for just under a year now. Using ultrasound (US) in Medical Aesthetics raises the bar in patient safety and precision of results, as you can see all the facial anatomy beneath the skin and use US to diagnose. Nurse Frances thoroughly enjoyed learning, meeting new colleagues and catching up with old friends at this weekends inaugural international symposium at the stunning Cameron House. As part of your treatment consultation at FTT Skin Clinics, our practitioners will be using ultrasound technology to detect previous treatments as well as looking at what lies beneath your areas of treatment. Thank you CMA Collaborative and everyone at the event making this day an amazing informative experience.Anatomy & Facial Ultrasound Cameron House Event 

The training didn't stop there this week! Monday morning Directors Frances & John headed to Edinburgh to research a potential new exciting treatment product. At FTT we are consistently upgrading our training as well as looking into the latest products and treatments on the markets. The Medical Aesthetics market is consistently growing in its innovative new treatments, which FTT never stops researching. This Monday it was threads! Non-Surgical Thread Lift has been a popular treatment in both our clinics as well as across the board in Medical Aesthetics for a number of years. This week we checked out MINT PDO Threads in Edinburgh, a minimally Invasive Non-Surgical thread designed to refresh, renew and rejuvenate the skin. Like FTT, MINT PDO threads place extreme importance in safety and quality, bringing your results form meaningful treatments. If you would like to book in your thread consultation for this April, head to our booking system here on contact us at enquiries@francesturnertraill.co.uk to speak to one of our advanced Nurses on your considered treatment.We also want to remind you lovely readers that our amazing Mother's Day Revanesse Dermal Filler offer continues up until April 17th. Just for your this Mothers Day, purchase 3 Syringes of any Revanesse Filler and your Mum will receive a syringe for a tweakment of her choice complimentary. Each Revanesse Syringe includes 1.2ml of product, meaning there's now 20% more in every syringe and providing you with endless possibilities of a more customisable look. Give the gift of renewed and rejuvenated this Mothers Day!Mothers Day Continues With Revanesse at FTT

Next week we will be showing you just a few of our Rosacea Awareness Month case studies if you didn't catch us on socials as well as meeting the team! In the meantime readers, enjoy your well deserved Easter Break! xxx

FTT Skin Clinics Update

FTT Skin Clinics Update 27 March 2022

Happy first week of Spring readers! What a lovely week we have had enjoying 17 degrees of sunshine here in Scotland, it was only a couple of weeks ago we were greeted by storm Eunice & good riddance to you! When Spring hits Scotland, you can guarantee us Scots treat it like the Mediterranean in the middle of July. This week we enjoyed the Sunshine in both Glasgow and Inverness, with Nurse Frances treating throughout Sunday to Tuesday. In between treating, we had to make a visit to meet the newest member of the Inverness Team, Baby Luke! What a little ray of sunshine. Congratulations Nurse Gillian, you have made this Spring week extra special and wish you both all the health and love from FTT. Frances' is already fully booked for her next Inverness Dates the first week in Easter, to get in early for May availability book via our booking diary now here.
Nurse Gillian & Baby Luke

Back down Hamilton HQ this week, it was Warner Brother Studios on Thursday! A special day we have had in the pipeline for a while at FTT. Joined by Dermal Filler Revanesse Marketing Team and our Social Media Team Lianne & Amy, we had an incredible day filming with Prollenium UK. A huge thank you to our 6 beautiful models, who came along for a day of filming and Nurse Frances treating. We certainly can't wait to show you the final content and footage of this amazing day. Each of our models, were photographed and treated with Prollenium Dermal Filler, Revanesse for their full face FTT rejuvenation as well as going through the FTT patient journey, advised and guided. Thank you to the team and everyone who helped out on the day, Quirky Frog, Prollenium, Paradise London and of course all the amazing staff at FTT. Here are some behind the scenes of this amazing day to share with you, just wait for the treatment before & afters.  The results are incredible.  Lots of happy, smiling people!
Filming Day with Prollenium UK

In addition to this amazing filming day with Revanesse, we have teamed up for another special day mothers offer until the 17th of April. Have you been considering to get a full face rejuvenation yourself for this upcoming Summer? Well guess what.. For every 3.6ml used for yourself, your mum will get a complimentary tweakment of her choice. Remember, tweakment in Revanesse  is 1.2ml of Dermal Filler. If you and your mum are interested in coming into either of our clinics for complimentary consultation to discuss your desired FTT Full Face Rejuvenation, book here or give us a call on 01689458954 to speak to one of our advanced Nurse's.
Mothers Day Gift With Revanesse

This week we loved seeing our FTT Skin Clinic bags on tour! These lovely ladies took their shoppers to Edinburgh Harvey Nichols for ladies day out whilst MUA Sharon Cuthbert strutted her stuff down the big apple, FTT goes international! A gorgeous free gift with an FTT treatment or our FTT Skin Gift Boxes. We can't wait to use ours for that Spring Picnic. Thanks ladies for sending!
FTT Goes International!

We ended the week on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond, where Frances & John took to the road for CMA Collaborative Facial Ultrasound event at the newly restored Cameron House.  We have been using Ultrasound technology at FTT Skin Clinics for almost a year, and this is the UK's first training Anatomy and Ultra Sound masterclass in the UK!   We continue the advanced training with latest research this weekend and will bring you the best bits of the event, next week!
CMA Collaborative at Cameron House 

Next week Nurse Frances goes live on Instagram to discuss the upcoming Rosacea awareness month. Have you heard of of the skin concern Rosacea? Or have maybe considered you might have it but never been sure? All your questions will be answered next Wednesday 29th at 19:00pm with Nurse Frances, tune in live via our Instagram here! In the meantime, enjoy the longer evenings! Let's hope their here to stay xxx

FTT Skin Clinics Update

FTT Skin Clinics Update 20 March 2022

Hello readers, as mentioned last week this Sunday we come to you from down in the big smoke at ACE! The UK's leading clinical conference and exhibition bringing the aesthetics journal to life! It's amazing being back at this prestigious event, which unfortunately for the last 2 years we have been unable to attend, this year it has definitely felt that little bit more magical. The weekend commenced Friday 11th, 10:00am in the heart of the city. Nurse Frances took to the staged joined by Mr Mark Devlin & Dr Jo Ward, a live demonstration of full face treatment with dermal filler Revanesse. Head over to our Instagram reels once you have finished reading to see how the day panned out!

ACE Event London

This week we bring you yet another amazing offer, just because the gift of great skin is never enough at FTT! Now available to book at FTT Skin Clinics, HIFU full face and neck for 3 sessions over 12 months at now £1700. Over the last couple of years, non-invasive treatments are slowly over taking the demand for injectables, HIFU being one of them. This machine based treatment is used to significantly improve facial wrinkles and skin laxity, particularly effective for targeted improvement in the jawline, cheek, eyes, forehead and for sagging skin in the neck area. If you are interested in finding out more about HIFU treatment and if it is the right treatment for you, give us a call or head to our website by booking in your initial consultation!

HIFU 3 for 2

HIFU Targeted Fat ReductionThe stunning Mayara is not only the face of international premium dermal filler brand MaiLi, but is also a model for many famous brands and a patient of FTT Skin Clinics. Her monthly FTT Bespoke Facials keep her skin gorgeous and glowing, but sshh don’t tell anyone, she has a little tweakment in the injectable department, but more on models secrets later... The first noticeable signs of ageing are usually around the eyes and around the mouth. Mayara felt she was looking tired around her eyes. She also had a asymmetry to her bottom lip that really bugged her. Using MaiLi Precise Frances treated her tear trough area, and MaiLi Define to her lips. A little bit of muscle relaxing Toxin in the upper face to give her a refreshed, natural result. Under 1ml was used all together. Job done, beautifully. Only 2 days after treatment Mayara had a shoot and as you can see in her stunning selfie, she has no bruising or swelling. If you're also looking for a natural, refreshed look, then why not book yourself in for a consultation!

The stunning Mayara

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