Frances Turner Traill talks lip augmentations!

Frances Turner Traill is regarded as one of the most skilled and experienced medical aesthetic practitioners in the UK. She has over 25 years’ experience within the NHS, and is a leader in the specialty of Aesthetic Medicine for more than 10 years. Frances is passionate about aesthetics and the joy the results can yield.…

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Awards for the Dream Team!

  The Clinic is honoured and delighted that Frances Turner Traill won the prestigious Best Aesthetic/Cosmetic Practitioner Award at the recent Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards. This is another achievement for our highly skilled Clinic Director, and the whole team celebrated.

Pay as you glow

Piles of pound coins

Aesthetic Treatments: Pay As You Glow Packages  When it comes to looking your best, maintaining your natural, beautiful glow is much the same as maintaining a car. And like a car, you don’t wait for the banging in the engine to start before consulting a mechanic. It’s why you pay maintenance and service fees. So…

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Aesthetic Treatments – Just For You.

Aesthetic Treatments, what are they and why are they our secret treasure? Keep reading, you’re about to find out. Aesthetic Treatments is the best non-surgical therapies to repair damaged skin, or simply renew it. Ageing is inevitable but the good news is that minimally invasive injectable treatments to tackle wrinkles and ageing skin are becoming…

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The Perfect Eyebrows by Frances Turner Traill

botox, wrinkle reduction and dermal fillers

Your eyebrows are one of the most important assets of your face. They can instantly lift your features and take years off your image, so taking care of them is essential. With the risk of excessive tweezing potentially adding years to your face, we know this conundrum can only warrant the help of professionals. Don’t worry,…

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Exilis Skin Treatment – the Trick to Quick Success.

Exils fat reduction and skin tightening

  Even I, the self-confessed biggest sceptic, could not believe my eyes seeing the results after just one session.  Seriously, no other device combines so well these two energies together, radio frequency and ultra sound waves, to give such an outstanding result. This exilis skin treatment is the revolutionary skin care procedure all the girls…

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